5-at-10: Fab 4 picks, expanding conferences and playoff field, Braves' good problem

AP photo by Bob Andres / The Atlanta Braves’ Vaughn Grissom takes off after hitting a double during the seventh inning of Saturday night’s home game against the Miami Marlins.

Fab 4 picks

Down the middle. 

In politics, I am appreciative of down the middle. In life, I am respectful of down the middle. In pitching, you better be fearful of down the middle. In bowling, you’re headed for splitsville down the middle.

In betting, down the middle is money down the tubes.

It’s the juice and odds and spin that makes $5 lobster dinners in Vegas possible and local entertainment brokers in your neighborhood driving Lincolns commonplace.

And moreover, the trend to either follow or fade my Fab 4 picks — before the last 12-plus-months I had a tendency to run hot or cold — now is also a down-the-middle proposition.

I was 48-47 last year during the college football regular season. With a 4-4-1 start this year that’s 52-51-1 since the start of 2021.