Is Medicare’s ‘Initial Enrollment Period’ for Part A or Part B?

Toni King

Hello Toni,

I am new to your column. Extremely informative! I am turning 65 next March and am puzzled about Medicare's seven-month enrollment period. I've heard that this period is only for Medicare Part B and that confuses me because I do not know how to enroll in Medicare's Part A.

I do not know how the seven-month window works. How soon can I enroll? Can I enroll in Medicare Part A and B together? I work part-time and am not eligible for company benefits, so I want to enroll ASAP. Please explain what I should do. Thanks.

--Gary from Oakland, Calif.


Thanks for your comments about "Toni Says," and you are not alone in your confusion. Most of America is confused about how to enroll Medicare the right way, to keep from receiving dreaded Medicare penalties.