Liberals persecuting Christian heritage and more letters to the editors

Liberals persecuting Christian heritage

As a constitutional conservative, I've been labeled as one who clings to God and guns. Then I was called a tea party bagger. Next I'm laughingly mocked as a right-wing nut. Even the fake news adds a guilt trip of being privileged because I was born Caucasian. So, now I'm a white supremacist who is also an oppressor?

I'm criticized as a patriot who sees America as exceptional and blessed because our forefathers prayed and fasted by God's guidance in writing our present Judeo-Christian laws based on biblical beliefs.

As a baby boomer, I'm insulted as being a white nationalist because I'm proud of my dad and uncle's military service in WWII. Also, my grandfather sailed on an Army troop ship to France to help defeat the Germans in WWI.