Opinion: Too many Chattanooga shootings? Yes, but we’re on the right track. Look deeper

Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Police chief Celeste Murphy speaks during a news conference on violence reduction Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022.

Like a number of Chattanoogans, we noticed more news about shootings and carjackings in the first couple of weeks of September, so with an email late Friday afternoon, we on this page made an informal inquiry with a police acquaintance about it.

With our own quick and informal count, we found at least nine shootings that injured at least 13 people, including at least one victim who died. And on Monday, the Chattanooga Police Department put out a news release about yet another shooting with another injury.

But our count was wrong. There were more. And the reply to our inquiry came Wednesday in the form of a public news conference conducted by Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy.

With candor, she told us and all of Chattanooga, there has been an uptick in violence this month.