Comedian Kathleen Madigan will share her funny stories in upcoming Chattanooga show

Comedian says social media has complicated things for better and worse

Contributed Photo by Luzena Adams / Kathleen Madigan returns to Chattanooga for a show Sept. 22 in the Walker Theatre.

For comedian Kathleen Madigan, a joke may be as funny today as it was 10, 20 or 100 years ago, but the options for delivering a one-liner or commentary about growing up in a large Catholic family have increased tenfold. And each has a totally different audience or vibe.

"Comedy hasn't changed, but how you reach people has, and it just keeps changing," Madigan said in a telephone interview with the Chattanooga Times Free Press. "I don't know if better or worse."

She said social-media platforms like Instagram and TikTok potentially allow artists to quickly reach more people, but everyone is competing for people and bandwidth.

"Back in the old days, it wasn't as crowded, I guess. I don't know how you gain traction. Before, if you went on (Johnny) Carson, two-thirds of the country watched it."