Opinion: Dogs are people, too — well, maybe not

Photo by Mark Kennedy / Nine-year-old Boise has canine seniority in the Kennedy household.

"Who let the dogs out?" is an actual line of inquiry in our house.

We are house-training a 7-month-old puppy, so regular dog walks are built into our schedules.

You'll hear the back door open, and then someone will announce loudly, "Keeper just did both potties! He'll need to go out again at 4:30!"

Our older, 9-year-old dog, Boise, meanwhile, finds it distressing that Keeper, the 7-month-old pup, sometimes still has accidents in the house. You can almost feel Boise thinking, "Why can't this idiot puppy just go outside three times a day like me?

"Just open the door, run to the end of the hedge, take care of your business and be back inside in two minutes getting a Milk-Bone."

On my work-at-home days, I get to watch how the dogs interact.

Boise, who has been an "only dog" since 2013, is a submissive soul who's not used to competing for attention.