Fawning over dead queen nauseating and more letters to the editors

Fawning over queen nauseating

While all too predictable, the performative mourning by everyday Americans over the peaceful death in her own bed of an obscenely rich, 96-year-old English aristocrat (Elizabeth II) nevertheless is nauseating.

Such fawning amounts almost to traitorous amnesia. The shivering, fever-wracked patriots who suffered and bled at Valley Forge or crossed the ice-strewn Delaware River with George Washington to attack grog-swilling Hessian mercenaries who were happily murdering them would not have been so forgetful. They knew who was paying to have them slaughtered: the same English monarchy whose dim, over- privileged successors still trod the wandering footsteps of the frothing-mad King George III.

Americans have always felt a misplaced, unreciprocated fondness for our English cousins. With the exception of World Wars I and II, when the British needed Americans to save them from their own German cousins, European public opinion polls have consistently found the highest incidence of anti-Americanism in Great Britain.