My Medicare supplement premium is out-of-control! When can I change?

Toni King

Hello Toni,

We have received a 20% increase for our Plan F Medicare supplement that is effective Oct. 1. I am a 70-year-old female in good health, but my husband, Fred, is undergoing cancer treatment. Also, his cardiologist has advised him that he may need a pacemaker.

My friends have advised me that we will have to wait until Medicare annual enrollment to change from our current Medicare supplement plans.

I am concerned that with the Medicare supplement increase we may not be able to afford the premiums. What should we do? Would a Medicare Advantage plan be a good option with Fred's cancer issues?

-- Carol from Tampa, Florida


Receiving your Medicare information from friends can lead you down the wrong path. You were given inaccurate information from a caring friend. I have good news for you because you do not have to wait until Medicare's annual enrollment to change your Medicare supplement insurance company.