Pastor Bo: Seek out the liberation and joy that come from family

"My daughter will be here soon, Pastor!"

Those words, spoken to me this past Sunday, were in a decidedly Northern accent and were not spoken to me by a young man. In fact, the smiling gentleman standing near the front of the church to give me that happy news is our oldest member, some 88 years old, in fact. And no, his name is not Abraham.

For several months now, this dear gentleman has been keeping me updated on a rather unique move for his daughter. The young lady died a great many years ago and has been buried up North where the whole family lived for so long. But recently, brother Gordon and his sweet wife have been readying a family gravesite in a local graveyard. They know that they are in the winter of their lives; they want to have their daughter laid to rest with them, not in some far-distant state.