Chef David Sherrill turns his Korean heritage into culinary prowess at Chattanooga's Han-Mi

Staff photo by Olivia Ross / Chef David Sherrill opened his restaurant, Han-Mi, about two years ago in Chattanooga.

David Sherrill's name doesn't sound like it comes out of South Korea. "Not even close," he adds. But his mother and grandmother are Korean, and it's from them that he developed the techniques and recipes to create what has become the go-to restaurant for Korean fare in Chattanooga, Han-Mi.

"Everything I have learned and am still learning comes from my mother and grandmother. All the original recipes come from my grandmother," he says.

Interestingly, Sherrill opened Han-Mi on June 25, 2020 -- 70 years to the day of the start of the Korean War.

"What luck!" he says sarcastically.

But luck is with him as soon as the doors open each day and people hungry for a change of fare stand ready to place their orders for mouthwatering dumplings, po' boys made Korean-style with tempura shrimp tossed in spicy tangy with gochujang mayo, or pork belly stir-fry.