Opinion: There’s a crisis at the border all right, but one created by political posturing

New York Times photo by Matt Cosby / State Rep. Dylan Fernandes (D-Mass.), speaks with members of the media regarding the group of migrants who recently arrived on Martha’s Vineyard in Edgartown, Mass., on Sept. 15.

Despite widespread outcry, the governors of Florida and Texas say they will continue to bus or fly more migrants to unexpected locations across the nation to raise awareness about the crisis at the border. Using vulnerable humans as pawns in a political game is morally wrong and further destabilizes an already dysfunctional immigration system.

Buses began transporting confused and mostly Spanish-speaking migrants in April, dumping them without resources in Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York City. Last week, three buses deposited migrants in front of Vice President Kamala Harris' official residence, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chartered jets to transport migrants to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. Another flight last week delivered migrants to Sacramento, California's capital. The next destination may be Delaware, the home state of President Joe Biden.

Most of these migrants are coming from politically unstable countries like Venezuela.