Alabama long snapper pledges NIL money to CTE research

Homan family photograph via AP / Former Alabama split end Dennis Homan, left, poses with his daughter Missy Homan, center, and grandson Kneeland Hibbett, currently a long snapper for the Crimson Tide, outside Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. Hibbett has pledged to donate a share of his NIL earnings to the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

As a walk-on long snapper, Kneeland Hibbett doesn't figure to rake in a lucrative endorsement deal.

That's true even though he plays in the college football spotlight at Southeastern Conference and national powerhouse Alabama.

What he does earn, he wants to put to good use.

The grandson of a Crimson Tide national champion, Hibbett has pledged to donate a share of his name, image and likeness proceeds to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, which works with former football players and others who developed traumatic brain injuries from repeated hits to the head.

Hibbett's grandfather may be one of them. A receiver on Bear Bryant's top-ranked 1965 team who went on to play in the NFL, Dennis Homan can still remember how unbeaten Alabama was deprived of another title by the poll voters in the 1966 season but not, frequently, what he had for lunch.