Hargis: Meigs County running back Tylan Kraskouskas thankful for every step

Staff file photo by Robin Rudd / Meigs County running back Tylan Karskouskas, center, follows his blocking during a Sept. 9 game at Signal Mountain. After an ATV crash in June 2021 broke both of his legs, Karskouskas needed surgery and physical therapy to regain his ability to walk, but he was running by last October and returned to football this year.

DECATUR, Tenn. — There were more days than he cares to remember — particularly the three to four times a week when he was in physical therapy, gritting his teeth through the pain of learning to walk again — that Tylan Kraskouskas doubted whether he would ever regain a sense of normalcy, much less the ability to play the game he loves.

It's for that reason, before he takes the field with his Meigs County High School teammates each Friday night, the junior running back finds a quiet spot in the locker room to bow his head and give thanks for ordinary blessings.

"From where I was this time last year to being back out there on the field with my brothers, I don't take any of it for granted now," Kraskouskas said.