The Rant

If assault rifles remain available to evil-doers, it would be proactive to write our obituaries now so they will be readily available for publication.

So, doctors at our teaching hospital, Erlanger, are billing for overlapping surgeries they're not even present for? That sounds safe and honest.

Government efficiency suggestion: If legislature approves firing squad as new execution method, consider putting condemned prisoner near Station Street on Saturday night.

Wonder if Erlanger is squirreling away cash to pay future settlement?

Clay Bennett's recent Trump ankle monitor cartoon is harsh and demeaning. Trump would never wear a generic accessory. This bracelet should be branded "Rolex," "Cartier" or "Tiffany."

NRA: What property and who was the Nashville school shooter protecting?

If Democrats want to stop gun violence, they can get back to locking criminals up. We need crook control, not gun control.

Tennessee's first lady lost one of her best friends in the Nashville shooting. Blame your husband's loose policies on guns, ma'am.

How many people who have lost someone to gun violence support the do-nothing Republicans? They won't change. You have to vote them out.

We don't need TikTok to foment unrest, we have Trump.

Gov. Lee will protect your kids from drag shows but not from school shootings.

Interesting how Republicans want parents to have more control over their kids' social media but the state to have control over their health care.

New Tennessee lottery radio commercial says "as long as you're having fun, you're OK in our book." That is 100% predatory in my book.

Donald Trump is a religious demagogue, like David Koresh, who gets followers to benefit only him. Trumpism is Trump's religion.

Republicans believe Trump wouldn't be under investigation if he wasn't running for president, so have Trump stop running and see if the investigations stop.

In today's crazy political climate, who will be the first to demand that the prideful song "I am Woman" be retitled?

Obviously, the man suing Gwyneth Paltrow never got a whiff of her candles!

About the letter from David Pickenpaugh, Lakesite, Tenn. (What's offensive to one not to the other, March 19), I would add a loud amen.

Checked your 401(k) lately? Of course, it cannot be Biden's fault. I know, let's blame Tucker Carlson and Fox.

The ghost of Christmas past will visit you, Rep. Ogles, and take you past the school shooting site to show how wrong your holiday card was.

I think the county mayor would show up if someone were opening an envelope.

The problems at the Southern border will remain unfixed until both sides decide to stop using them to attack the other side.

You miss the point. Ukraine's borders today, our borders tomorrow. Putin is a maniac.

A big shout-out to Whitfield County's 911 service for now enabling 911 callers to send videos and pictures along with their call.

TFP illustrates perfected visual irony. Articles side-by-side: Bank robber holding assault rifle; gun store wall of assault rifles re: permit-less carry law.

How is it that Israelis aren't in the streets protesting the occupation and killings of Palestinians? Exactly how do they define democracy? This is surreal.

Blatant spelling errors on almost every page of the paper these days. Do you no longer have proofreaders?

Asking the liberal TFP to get rid of cartoonist Clay Bennett is like asking poop not to stink.