5-at-10: Johnson’s Ryder-or-die picks, NFL cut day, MLB fun, Is Wamp 0-3 after Red Bank mess?

FILE - Brooks Koepka holds the Wanamaker trophy after winning the PGA Championship golf tournament at Oak Hill Country Club on Sunday, May 21, 2023, in Pittsford, N.Y. The majors lacked drama, but not inspiration or phenomenal play. The last big event is the Ryder Cup.(AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

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Picking the knows

So Zach Johnson is the U.S. Ryder Cup captain. That is not new news.

He released his captain picks Tuesday for next month's Ryder Cup.

(Side note: As an explainer, the Ryder Cup is a three-day team event with the best players from the U.S. going against the best European players in various team golf aspects. There is no money, and the elite golfers on the planet are extremely invested in the format.)

This side of the Masters, the Ryder Cup is my second favorite golf event to watch.

So I am vested. And invested. And when the weather breaks will be sweater-vested. It's how I roll.

The U.S. team was completed Tuesday with Johnson's captain picks.

He selected the controversial Brooks Koepka, as well as Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Colin Morikawa, Sam Burns and Justin Thomas.

The six U.S qualifiers in terms of points standings were expected super stars Scottie Scheffler, Xander Schauffle and Patrick Cantlay as well as relative new names and major champion winners Brian Harmon and Wyndham Clark. Max Homa rounded out the field, and as far as the Ryder Cup goes, I know it will be more entertaining with Homa and his social media savvy in the mix.

Will it help the U.S. win? Can't say, but I can't help but wonder if that was the top priority in assembling this team.

First, we know the LIV divide has silently reached everyone involved like a fart in elevator.

Do I think Brooks Koepka deserves to be on this team? Absolutely, if the U.S. wants to win.

Which leads us to captain's pick Justin Thomas, who was picked because he is a great locker room guy and has a resume of Ryder Cup success.

But why the disjointed messages? If you want experience and past success — and you are willing to embrace the controversy of picking a LIV Tour member — why not Patrick Reed or Dustin Johnson?

Especially in the conversation against Sam Burns?

Yes, Johnson's gloves were a touch tied because the flawed points system that over-rewards major performances left the U.S team trying to cover for Clark and Harman, but the lack of consistency in these picks makes me wonder if this job was too big for Johnson.

It also makes we wonder if you are going to pick one LIV player, why not pick all the best U.S. players?

Is this political? Is this possibly about the ongoing merger talks? Is this personal for a slew of other folks, including the clear absence of Phil Mickelson in any of the leadership roles? (For Pete Dye's sake, Stewart Cink has a say. Stewart Cink could never have carried Mickelson's range ball sack.)

We can all have questions, and we can all have theories.

But I am not sure this side of NFL first-round QBs if anyone has more invested in notable draft picks — and non-picks — like Zach Johnson does heading into the Ryder Cup.

NFL decisions

So Tuesday was also NFL cut down day.

Here are the notable headlines across the league:

— New England cut almost all of Mac Jones' actual competition. I actually support this decision. If you are worried about the locker room not embracing your QB1, jettison QB2 and QB3. Any questions?

— Jacksonville is going to be sneaky good — yes we will share our NFL picks starting Thursday — but Tuesday could not have been much fun for HC Doug Pederson who had to cut tight end Josh Pederson, who, yes, is Doug's son. How do you think that conversation with Mrs. Pederson went Tuesday night?

— The Colts-Jonathan Taylor fight is deeper than we knew. The Colts have now put the healthy Taylor — a star RB demanding anew deal or a deal to a new team — on the Physically Unable to Perform list. Which means even if he is traded in the coming days, he's out at least the first four weeks. Man, if you spent a first-rounder on Taylor — a bona fide dude in the right setting — your fantasy team is Horse-Shoed.

— The Chiefs dance with defensive tackle Chris Jones may be their biggest hurdle to a Super Bowl repeat. Side question: The Rams pushed all their chips in a few years ago to win it all, and now they are in salary cap purgatory; should the Chiefs follow that path or cut ties with Jones? Discuss.

— Hey, Jonathan Taylor, want to know why teams do not value your position? Melvin Gordan — who was an All-Pro not that long ago — was cut Tuesday by Denver. And it's not like Denver is a Super Bowl contending roster.

MLB fun times

Yeah, for those who are regulars around these parts, we have a few basic understandings about baseball.

— Shohei is a true unicorn. He's doing things that are making the ghost of Babe Ruth say, "Well, crap, that guy is amazing."

— Ronald Acuña is a joy to watch. This is not man-crush-causing-drunken-Colorado-dudes-to-rush-the-field kind of fawning. This is true appreciation for a true five-tool dude who would deserve Hall of Fame consideration if he retired tomorrow.

— We want automated umps. That should be a push to make the continued push of new and better MLB rules take the next step.

— And we don't talk teams or titles or totality until the -er months.

And if we are going to blend a couple of the listed highlighted points, as we approach the -er months of September and October, when baseball magic becomes baseball mythology, the Angels deserve a moment of our time this morning.

The Los Angeles Angels have spent money. Maybe not wisely, but they have written a slew of checks in an effort to contend.

The Los Angeles Angels have two of the four best baseball players on the planet. And, while no one can fault the club for myriad injuries to Mike Trout and the aforementioned Shohei, well, the Angels are going to have to look up in several years and realize they never won a playoff series with Hall of Famers hitting 2 and 3 in the same order for several years.

And now these Angels are faced with the very real knowledge that they valiantly made a run for the playoffs and did not trade Shohei before the Aug. 1 deadline only to watch their club go 7-19 to date in August.

So the Angels are now heading into the -er months with no chance at the postseason, next to no chance of retaining the Unicorn and very little chance of contending for the next decade.

So how was your Tuesday?

This and that

— Speaking of the Angels, welp, thanks to the Angels pitching staff for making Jay's Plays profitable as the Phillies played a little home-run derby Tuesday. Get the results later today, but do know that someone picked Bryce Harper to homer at plus-425 and Bryce Harper homered. Good times.

— You know the rules. Here's Paschall on the challenges of the FCS schools faqcing the beohemoths of college football. Side question: Beohemoths as a word, friend or foe?

— Braves played. Braves won. Braves did not score enough runs for my picks, but hey, that's why the Phillies and Bryce Harper are the bee's knees right about now.

— Had this conversation with a close friend on Tuesday, and was curious what you guys and gals thought. First, this caveat. Weston Wamp has been a longtime friend of mine. But he has now picked poltiical fights with county attorney Rheubin Taylor, the Lookouts' new stadium and now Red Bank. And it kinda feels like Weston is 0-3 in those square-offs, no?

Today's questions

Which way Wednesday must move quickly.

Which team should the Braves fear the most in the NL, the Dodgers or the Phillies?

Which was the level of heat Doug Pederson got from Josh's momma after Doug cut his son?

Which NFL roster pick surprised you most?

Which Ryder Cup pick is Zach Johnson going to regret the most?

As for today, Aug. 30, let's review.

Cameron Diaz is 51 today. Well done, God.

Ted Williams would have been — or maybe he still is since he's been frozen somewhere — 105 today.

Rushmore of all-time MLB outfielders. Go.