5-at-10: Brady retiring for good, sports betting bill in Georgia, free Super Bowl props contest

AP file photo by John Bazemore / Tom Brady announced Wednesday that he has retired at age 45 and after 23 seasons as an NFL quarterback.

Georgia sports betting

Maybe the timing is coincidental. But boy this one has some overlaps.

So, in less than two weeks, we will have Super Bowl 57. That's not exactly breaking news.

Well, in the Georgia state senate SB 57 is a recently introduced bill that would legalize sports betting in the Peach State. And do it with some monster overhauls. Here's a link to the bill.

It would grant 18 betting licenses -- the licensees would work with the state lottery folks in what sound like similar structures to what we have here in Tennessee for example.

Nine of those licenses, however, could be made available to professional sports teams and NASCAR and the PGA and would allow those clubs and organizations to operate sports books in their venues.

If passed SB57 (state bill 57 not Super Bowl 57), sports betting would be legal starting in the fiscal year 2025.

One of the sneaky hurdles before the passage of legalized sports gambling is the extra layers that have been stacked on the sports betting attempts previously in Georgia.

Last year, late in the legislative session, several Democrats looked to add almost all forms of gambling -- casinos, race tracks, you name it -- into the sports betting package and that caused the effort to stall.

I think most everyone sees the benefit of legalized state sports wagering. And yes, there are some worries about the self-inflicted "poor tax" when it comes to lotteries and the addiction that can come with sports betting.

The lottery has done a lot of amazing things in the state of Georgia -- not the least of which is helping turn UGA into one of the elite non-Ivy League schools in the country. Seriously, you best be bringing some 34-plus ACT numbers and sparkling résumé to get into Georgia these days.

I can see the comps between lottery and sports wagering online. I can also somewhat understand some of the trepidation of opening the complete betting spigot, too.

That said, rightly or wrongly, a lot of South Georgia conservatives are not looking to get into the brick and mortar casino business, and if that gets tagged again, SB 57 could have a rocky road.

Super props

So, speaking of Super Bowl betting, we're back with another contest. If I asked on a Which Way Wednesday, which is your favorite 5-at-10 contest, what's your first thought?

I really kind of enjoy this one, even if it does not get a lot of traction compared to the Bowling for Bowls of Bowl Game Success (Bowler optional) or the Masterfully Mastering the Masters options.

It's a Super Duper Props Drop.

Entering is easy. And free. Just email you answer to the following 10 actual NFL prop bets for the Super Bowl between Kansas City and Philadelphia. The player with the most right out of the first 9 with the 10th question serving as a tie-breaker with Price is Right rules in effect.

Questions? Good.

1. Super Bowl MVP.

2. First player to score a TD.

3. Over/under 49.5 total points.

4. Longest TD play over/under 40.5 yards.

5. Chris Stapleton's National Anthem over/under 125 seconds.

6. Coin toss heads or tails.

7. Rhianna's first song in the halftime performance.

8. Last player to score a TD.

9. Color of Gatorade used on the victorious coach.

10. Patrick Mahomes total rushing yards in the Super Bowl.


Dream jobs in a nightmare situation

So, two NFL teams hired head coaches, and both seem to be very good at their craft.

Houston hired DeMeco Ryans, a former Alabama star who played for the Texans and has spent the last couple of seasons coordinating San Francisco's stellar defense.

Seems like a great candidate in a less-than great spot. Ryans inherits a team that has fired three coaches since 2020 and is 11-38-1 in its last 50 games. Ouch-standing.

Issue No. 1 has to be at QB for Ryans, and considering the aftermath of the DeShaun Watson affair, those questions and deficiencies have been magnified.

The other coach hired was Sean Payton, who the Broncos had to send a first-round and a second-round pick in the coming years to New Orleans to hire.

Which theoretically means that Denver dealt two 1s and two 2s to Seattle to land Russell Wilson and now has sent another 1 and another 2 to New Orleans to hire the guy to fix Russell Wilson.

So there's that.

This and that

-- Welp, that's a wrap. Tom Brady posted this morning to social media a video with this quote: "Good morning, guys. I'll get to the point right away. I'm retiring for good." Wow. Seven-time Super Bowl champ. Holder of almost every meaningful numbers-record a QB could. He may not be the best to ever play the position, but he's the GOAT by every historical prism you could use. (And yes, if this was not such a late-breaking story, I assuredly would have done more here.)

-- Speaking of gambling, the Plays had a profitable day Tuesday with Kentucky covering and Texas A&M-Arkansas going over. We missed on the Aggies getting 4 at Fayetteville, but 2-1 moves the daily best bet to 47-28 and our total to plus-21.95 units. If you are interested in getting the daily email newsletter, sign up here.

-- Also, how is Tennessee only laying 6 at Florida tonight? Yes, in a game with a total of 130, 6 in one is like a full dozen in another, but still. Hmmmmm. Smells a little fishy, no?

-- So Cary Elwes says his two most recognized roles are from "Saw" and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." Sorry Cary, but every list of every thing you ever do has to start with "The Princess Bride." This is not up for negotiation.

-- Some eye-popping college football OC news. Apparently Georgia OC Todd Monken is in talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Man, I know Monken has a sweet gig in Athens, but at that level to just be an NFL OC -- and get paid -- without having to do all the recruiting would be mighty appealing to me. Also of note, Washington's OC reportedly told Alabama and Nick Saban "Thanks but no thanks" about the Tide's OC gig. So there's that.

-- Headlines matter. Take this one for instance. "HS girls basketball team's season over after 22-year-old coach impersonates 13-year-old player." On first read I was thinking, "OK, who got their feelings hurt because an assistant made fun of the way a teenage girl shoots" or something to that effect. Nope, apparently, the 22-year-old assistant dressed out and played for the school's JV team because one of their better players was at a club tournament. What? Who in a million years thought that this a) would work, b) was a good idea and c) JV girls hoops is that important. Oh my.

-- The AT&T Celebrity Pro-Am is this weekend on the PGA Tour. Of the Baylor School products, I only see Keith Mitchell in the field. His celebrity partner? Bills QB Josh Allen. That's pretty cool.

Today's questions

We got a couple of Which Way Wednesday's above as well, but which NFL prop bet is your favorite to wager on?

Which way will SB57 go -- and we're talking Georgia Senate bill 57 here, not Super Bowl 57?

Which AT&T "celebrity" would you most want to be paired with? Which PGA player?

Today is Feb. 1, so let's review.

Oh forget it. Can we do a Rushmore of all-time QB1s? Because Brady has to make it?

Any other Brady-related Rushmores you can think of? Go.