Check out this sculpture in progress by artist Alex Paul Loza

Photo contributed by Alex Paul Loza
Photo contributed by Alex Paul Loza

Artist: Alex Paul Loza

Medium: Oil-based clay cast in bronze

"As a figurative narrative artist, I approach art as a powerful tool for creating positive social and cultural change," says Alex Paul Loza. "In this photo, I am sculpting with oil-based clay as the medium, but the final artwork will be cast in bronze, measuring about 45 [inches] in height. I am thrilled to offer a glimpse into my artistic process as I work on a life-size bronze sculpture of Little Debbie commissioned by McKee Foods Parks, Trails and Greenways for the upcoming Little Debbie Park in Collegedale. Through this sculpture, I aim to embody the values that Little Debbie represents, including hard work and community spirit."

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The City of Collegedale's Little Debbie Park is scheduled to open in fall 2023. To see more of Loza's work, visit 

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