The Rant

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Thank you to Steam Logistics for investing in our city and beautifying the 4th/Market/Broad streets block that has looked so sad for decades.

So, lawmakers [consider allowing] citizens packing in private businesses, but I must park my penknife on a ledge outside before entering the state capitol. Seriously?

In reference to the future use of the Lookouts stadium on Hawk Hill, why not give it back to the hawks? Perfect spot for urban park.

Drag or drug priority? Drug problem: Opioids, fentanyl, meth. Drag problem: shiny clothes, glitter, lots of makeup. With limited personnel and budgets, why are politicians so reckless?

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally: Walk your talk? Not so much. There's so much wrong here I don't know where to start.

When the Lookouts leave their current location, a giant Ferris wheel (ala London, England) would be perfect for the site. Maybe in tandem with a tall zip line across the river.

City enforcement of new state drag show laws: All males shall submit to undergarment search by police. Not boxer shorts? Then jail.

American Dream was owning your own home. Now American Dream is taking family out to dinner and not being hit by stray bullets.

Why doesn't the TFP cover more of the horrors coming from the governor and state legislators that affect our everyday lives?

What a shame Allison Gorman didn't win and beat Greg Martin for Robin Smith's seat. She would've brought so much good sense to our legislature.

When is someone going to breathe life for businesses inside Northgate Mall?

Ban assault weapons to the mentally incompetent. Anyone who wants one is mentally incompetent.

Law or no law, you can't come into my house carrying a gun, and "You can take that to the bank."

Plastic bull testicles hanging from the rear bumpers of trucks are far more offensive than a man wearing a dress. State lawmakers, protect the children!

Main takeaway from Sunday's long, long Wamp-Kelly article: Weston Wamp's number-one fan is Weston Wamp.

State legislators are mad at Nashville for turning down an RNC convention, so they cut Nashville city government in half. How petty, stupid and intrusive.

How do you feel safe when Erlanger security guards are playing around with guns and one shoots the other? What morons.

Last Halloween, I dressed like Steven Tyler; hubby dressed like a nun. Will we get arrested for dressing in drag if we do it this year?

The SVB must have gone belly up because it was having drag shows in its lobby.

GOP and firearms groups are pushing too hard on guns, guns and more guns. Just stop.

Tennessee LGBTQ citizens are slowly becoming modern equivalent of 1950s/1960s Mississippi Black Americans. History must not repeat itself. Maybe "SNL" can really help.

I don't get why communities don't want to allow yucky hotels to be developed into nice, affordable apartments for working people.

Dylan channeling Tennessee legislature: "... Agents round up everyone that knows more than they do. Titanic sails at dawn ... Everybody's shouting, 'Which side are you on?'"

Mr. Kleinheider, it is OK in today's world to say that Lt. Gov. McNally enjoys looking at scantily attired males.

"Nothing trending up," assistant chief Sutton? How about your capability or desire to end these shootings? This is not acceptable.

There'd be less parent grief and mourning if parents kept their children in school and out of the streets.