The Rant

Thanks and gratitude to Lake Winnepesaukah and founding, generational family for 99 years of extraordinary family entertainment and happiness. Happy 100th next year!

What in the world is wrong with a red-flag law? Tell me one thing wrong about it. Good gosh, what a backward state.

A New York jury says Donald Trump is a sexual abuser. Sen. Tommy Tuberville says that would make him vote for Trump twice. Some Christian leadership.

Chattanooga Library spends 80K on coffee service. Has anyone read some good business books lately?

TFP article reports Texas offers best health care access in United States. Good thing. It's using every bit of it to treat mass shooting victims.

Trump was found liable for sexual abuse. Does he have to now go on the Registered Sex Offenders List?

Please stop talking about gun control. It's not working. Let's talk about gun safety and gun responsibility. Maybe this will engage the responsible gun owners.

If the liberal media didn't have Trump to talk about, what would they say? Would they get to crime, Hunter, inflation, open borders? Doubt it.

Elated by the Jan. 1 Social Security COLA adjustment? Check with your financial adviser or tax preparer about the increased adjusted income taxes it causes.

Be a victim. Don't work. Claim racism every time. Government will pay you, give you food and housing. Move to California and get reparations. Work it.

After spending the weekend in jail, people in court on Monday have found Jesus more frequently than those in church on Sunday.

I wouldn't give a TV preacher a dime to see them eat a bale of hay. Ankerberg's comments about accusations aren't convincing.

$18 million on a walking bridge! You could cook a recipe from Wednesday's TFP food pages for that kind of money.

Biden is so out of touch with reality he probably thought Cinco de Mayo was a plumbing problem at the border.

"Thoughts-and-prayers"-offering politicians must be silent investors in funeral homes and casket manufacturers.

Why do food stamps buy sugary drinks, cookies, chips and gum? Just saw it. For two young children. Guidelines should be corrected to healthy food only.

Ole Joe working on airline vouchers when we have record inflation, illegal border crossings, debt and crime. C'mon Joe, get real, man.

Shout out to Vermont for banning anyone from owning or running a paramilitary training camp.

To decrease the deficit, reverse the tax breaks for the wealthiest and for corporations that, unlike us, have paid no taxes at all.

Worried about all of the mass shootings that are happening? If you voted for a Republican, you helped the mass shooter get his AR-15.

I'm not afraid of AI technology. I am very afraid of AI technology in the hands of a totalitarian government like ours.

Sen. Blackburn has announced 2023 as "the year we hold big tech accountable." Senator, could you pencil in 2024 for assault weapons and military ammunition?

Thanks, gun lobby, for providing Americans with a unique staycation opportunity. No need to travel to Eastern Europe to be shot and killed by military weapons.

We need a national pool, dollar a try, to guess the date on which Biden will use executive orders to give illegals the right to vote.