5-at-10: Friday mailbag with Rushmores, Bo Nix’s longevitiy, Bobby (or bully) Knight and the Rangers’ ring

Oregon quarterback Bo Nix (10) throws during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Utah Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)
Oregon quarterback Bo Nix (10) throws during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Utah Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

To our business friends.

Rushmore of all-time radio moments. War of the Worldsl, FDR's speech, MLK's "I have a dream" speech, JFK talking about the Cuban missile crisis.

Rushmore of movies set in Chicago, and this one waqs difficult. "Home Alone," "Christmas Vacation," "The Sting" and "The Breakfast Club." (Which leaves off a slew of classics, including "Uncle Buck," "Ferris Bueller" and "Weird Science" and all the John Hughes flicks, "The Untouchables," "Blue Brothers," "Wayne's World," "When Harry Met Sally," "Mean Girls" and a slew of others. Tough category.)

Rushmore of movie boats. Titanic, Orca, Red October and the Black Pearl.

Rushmore of earworm songs. "Baby Shark," "Who Let the Dogs Out," "Macarena" and everything Barney ever sang.

More business, because rules are rules, here's Paschall on UT's happiness with its kicker.

And more business — and rules — here's Hargis with a high school football playoffs primer.

And if you have time click and watch my podcast with Brian Edwards on SEC football and the gambling scene in general on "Bets and Ballgames." Thanks as always for your time.

To the bag.

From JMac


At least Akron came through (Wednesday). I went back to one of our emails when you were on fire. You said "I can't help but feel like I have a 1 for 18 coming at some point to balance it out." Baseball lately has not worked out that much.

Bo Nix just set the record for most games played, he has been around awhile. Just wondering, who spent the most time in college, you or Bo?


So true and the last 10 or so days on our picks have been brutal.

We have always pledged transparency, and every path and procedure I used to get north of 95-plus units has failed as we have been in this tailspin.

So it goes. We'll get back to 100 units. I believe it. I hope you believe it, too.

If not, bet against me and know that the aforementioned 1-for-18 is now in the rearview.

And rule 1 of Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club.

And rule 2 of Fight Club is WE DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.

As for the Bo Nix question, well, I am sure he has spent more time in college CLASSES than I did.

I was more Blutarsky than Bo Nix in my collegiate pursuits. Which leads us to the mailbag Rushmore of best movies set on college kids, because "Animal House" is far left right?

It also leads us to, who do we blame for Bo Nix leaving Auburn? Harsin? The AU fans? The NIL and portal? We are talking about a kid who grew up bleeding Blue and Orange who is going to be a Heisman finalist at Oregon while Auburn is so QB starving that Sally Struthers is about to do some infomercials to help the cause.


A Reader

AGT? Here goes.

"Ladd McConkey is an NFL dude, right? Man that's a white kid who can scoot."

As a white man, I have definitely noted that white Ladd McConkey and Devon Allen and Matthew Boling and some other white men are really fast. I always note it (he is white and fast) when I see it but I try not to say it. I'm not clear why I try not to speak the obvious. Maybe because I don't hear or see written "that's a Black kid who can scoot." Maybe because I try to make my words matter.

And though I try not to, I know I've have said, " He's white and he ran 9.98."

A Reader,

Fair point and there are a slew of sports-related hidden stereotypes.

We don't ever ask who is the best Black basketball player or the best Black running back.

But we also shortchange in the other direction because when was the last time anyone called a Black basketball player a "gym rat" because they worked harder than everyone else.

We also don't hear Black wide outs ever being called possession receivers, even though Larry Fitzgerald has the greatest hands of all time. (How great are Larry Fitzgerald's hands and how is he the greatest possession receiver of all-time? Try this stat: Larry Fitzgerlad had more career tackles than drops. Compute that.)

Your point is fair. "Fast for a white guy" is commonplace. So too is "He can really jump for a white guy" or other athletic praise. And if we put a positive adjective in front of "for a Black guy" it would likely cause a huge stink, and could cost me my gig depending on the scenario.

You're correct in your assessment, and that said, I'm not sure I have a real answer for your assessment.

From Spy

Head scratching championship winner ... Gotta be the Cleveland Indi.... I mean Guardians, right? They've barely threatened to be a winner on the big stage, save for two heart-breaking occasions, since 1954.

The 73 Knicks team had some great players. But since then, they are about as relevant to the NBA as the bounce pass is now. If they were in Seattle, would they get this much run in the national media (looking at you, ESPN) despite being this mediocre for so long?

Though John McKay was far more subtle in his approach, do you think the Twitter (or X outline) mob would have had a field day with his quotes, such as, "What do you think of your team's execution?" and his response "I'm in favor of it"?

Woody Hayes wouldn't have lasted too long either in this day and age.


Your email was one of the many I got from a slew of folks wanting to discuss the Bobby Knight (and all the old-school coaches) compared to the modern age days of acceptability.

Yeah, if Woody Hayes was happy to punch an opposing player in an actual game, there is no telling how abusive he was behind closed doors to his own team.

And all of us of a certain had coaches who crossed lines. But we loved them. Like the IU players are standing and testifying for Knight.

I had coaches grab my facemask and shake me like a rag doll. And I told myself it made me tougher.

I had coaches berate me for being out of basketball shape. And I told myself it made me better.

I had coaches make me run until I threw up because pitchers had to be in great shape. And I told myself it made me better prepared.

Heck, my dad could have been in multiple categories of the above.

But the line between tough and abusive is not about cancel culture. Then or now.

Be a boss. Don't be a bully.

Be a leader. Don't be a beater.

Be a guide. Don't be a goon.

Kids will follow leadership, and in the absence of true leadership they will follow bad (and sadly abusive) leadership. Bobby Knight fell far too often into the latter.

From Pat

The Rangers won without getting much at all this season, and absolutely nothing in the postseason, from Jacob DeGrom.

They had the most dominant right-hander in the league on their staff and he's been a spectator for the last few months.


Great point, which also begs the question if that instantly makes them the No. 1 favorite in 2024?

Of course, if I was a betting man — and I am — I would be the under on whatever the number is for Jacob deGrom starts in 2024. Dude is more fragile than a Hummel figurine.

And I have to ask the group this: How many total innings of this World Series did you watch? Because I am betting the numbers are going to be rather bleak.

Have a great weekend friends, and Vader, may your crew do the Lord's work Saturday night.