5-at-10: NFL power poll, a female champion, Jayden Daniels is him, Rushmore of Charles

AP photo by Derick Hingle / LSU star Jayden Daniels runs off the field after leading the Tigers to a 52-35 home win against Florida on Saturday night. Daniels became the first FBS player to throw for more than 300 yards and rush for 200-plus in a single game, and afterward Tigers coach Brian Kelly advocated for the LSU quarterback to win this year's Heisman Trophy.

NFL power poll

OK, how wrong were we all about the Bills?

Also, how salty is the AFC North?

And while we're here, how many folks thought "CJ Stroud NFL MVP as well as rookie of the year?"

Survey says: A lot. A lot. Very few.

OK, now as we move to double points in the NFL Power Feud, which QB do you want?

Russell Wilson, DeShaun Watson, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert?


(Side question: OK, how many of you watch the Family Feud, because I am a lifelong fan? And then, how much is Steve Harvey spending on suits to host the Family Feud?)

So let's beat feet like the folks getting on the buss at Alexian on election day and get to the polls.


1. Philadelphia (8-1). Do the Eagles have a weakness? I ask because they are shifty and deep offensively but the defensive front seven may be the strongest part of this crew. Anyone want to debate about my draft thoughts that the Falcons would forever regret taking Bijan Robinson over Jalen Carter?

2. Detroit (7-2). Yeah I said it. And before you Chiefs apologists say "What about us" well y'all played. How did that go? Side question: Did you see the Dan Aykroyd classic "Dr. Detroit" back in the day?

3. Kansas City (7-2). The Chiefs still have as good a coach as there is in the league and the best QB1 there is in the league. That has to count for something right?

4. San Francisco (6-3). When they get healthy, they may be the best team in the league.

5. Baltimore (7-3). Tough loss this weekend but this is still the most honest-coached Harbaugh team in football.


28. Arizona (2-8). Bad roster. Bad organization. But they beat the Falcons on Sunday. Side question: Is Kyler Murray good at this?

29. Atlanta (4-6). Yes, we are breaking paths with the "You are what your record says you are" mantra. Want to know why? The Falcons do not have the answer at HC or at QB1 and may not have it at GM. If you are going to draft the best RB1 since Saquon Barkley and the best TE1 prospect since Vernon Davis in the top 10, get them the dang ball, Arthur Smith.

30. New England (2-8). OK, there were the awfully awkward scenes in "Three's Company" back in the day. There also were the wonderfully awkward scenes with Barney in "The Andy Griffith Show" too. The Patriots are way more the former than the latter since they are about to break up with a first-round QB and may have to fire the GOAT HC.

31. New York Giants (2-8). When Tommy DeVito is the answer at QB1 everyone in the organization is asking the wrong questions.

32. Carolina (1-8). So who's been to the Outer Banks? Bet it's lovely this time of year.

Good or great

So is Jayden Daniels him?

He is 100% him on Saturdays.

Will he be him on Sundays?

I vote yes, because, he's better than Jalen Hurts was in college. Heck, he's every bit as good as Kyler Murray was too.

Will Daniels win the Heisman? Probably not, but that is not the talking point this morning?

Would you rather have Daniels or Caleb Williams?

Daniels or Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr or any number of dudes taking snaps across the college football landscape?

Give me Daniels, and sorry Vader, Brian Kelly is not him if he can't win 10-plus games with that kind of monster taking snaps.

The hero we need

Friends meet Lynne Pinches. She is a world-class pool player (billiards to you smart folks) and she got to the finals of a recent tournament.

When Lynne got to the finals, she faced a transgender competitor and before the match started, she withdrew.

Good on you Lynne.

And maybe this will continue the conversation on fairness in competition moving forward.

This and that

— You know the rules. Here's Paschall on UT getting ready for the whipping the Dogs will deliver Saturday in Knoxville.

— So your favorite middle school girls' hoops team was in action last night. We bested a feisty Tyner crew by more than a few. Still, we did not play well. Anyone got any ideas on how to tell teenage girls it's about us and not about them? I'll wait.

— Split on the Plays Monday, hitting the Monday nighter and missing badly on Penn-Nova. Hey, so it goes. We rode a hot streak through the summer, then hit a skid of epic proportions. Now, we're in a Seinfeld run of win one, lose one.

— Saw this question on Twitter — and yes, I will forever call it Twitter — but if you punch yourself and it hurts really bad, are you weak or are you strong? Discuss.

— Can we all agree — conservatives, like me, and progressives — that Marjorie Taylor Greene is an absolute nincompoop. Also worth discussing, is how many of you had any idea that is the way nincompoop was spelled? (Liar.)

Today's questions

True or false, it's Tuesday. Morning ernie.

True or false, Nincompoop is a great word.

True or false, Jayden Daniels should be QB1 on every draft board.

True or false, every female athlete in every sport should walk away before competing with transgenders.


As for today, Nov. 14, let's review.

King Charles is 75 today.

Rushmore of Charles. Go.