5-at-10: Playoff top-12 rankings, next Aggies coach chatter, big night of college hoops

Georgia quarterback Carson Beck (15) reacts after a Georgia touchdown during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Mississippi, Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023, in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Playoff rankings

Georgia moved back to the top spot of the college football playoff rankings, which were released Tuesday night.

Georgia deserves to be 1 in my mind, especially with that destruction of Ole Miss over the weekend when the Rebels were ranked in the top 10.

But the list of the top four — THE Ohio State, Michigan and FSU round out the teams in line to be included in the playoff as of this week — was not as interesting to me as the very real conversation about the looming expansion of the playoff from four to 12 in the seasons to come.

And you still can't convince me how it's a good thing for the sport.

Fact: A 12-team playoff makes THE Ohio State-Michigan tussle in 10 days all but meaningless since they both would get in anyway.

Now, the loser of that game will need some help to make the field of four considering unbeaten Washington is sitting there at No. 5 waiting for any of the top four to stumble.

Fact: Going to your conference's title game could be a hindrance to the goal of winning it all, especially if you lose in the conference title game.

For instance, when the field expands to 12, the four first-round byes will go to the four highest ranked conference champs. But what happens if Alabama, which is ranked 8 in this week's poll, goes to the SEC title game and Georgia handles the Tide.

That could very well bump Alabama from the 12, while Missouri, which is ninth, would still be in the top 12 without going to Atlanta.

Fact: Having 12 waters down the field. Are we really in a place where this Louisville team needs a shot to play for a title? Or Oregon State?


I get the reasoning — money and meaningful TV opportunities through the holidays rather than the Birmingham Bowl or the Duke's Mayo thingy.

It's a huge cash grab and that's fine. Football pays the way for almost every other college sports enterprise.

So this discussion has never been about this being about inclusion or fairness.

And I loathe what it's going to do to college football as we know it.

Who's next?

So the questions are making the rounds about the lucrative Texas A&M football coaching gig.

Deion Sanders offered a non-denial about his interest, offering instead about how much he loves Colorado.

Heck, Dabo Swinney was asked about College Station, and he just offered that it must be November because of the coaching rumors being floated.

Oregon's Dan Lanning was asked about it, too, as was Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell.

This is not an attempt to stick up Jimbo Fisher, who was fired over the weekend and will get his $76 million buyout from the deep-pocketed Aggies.

But how good a job is A&M?

Sure, it's going to come with a supremely impressive check to whomever is picked. But is it a top-five job in the SEC?

I don't think so, and certainly won't be close to that next year when Texas and Okahoma join the league.

Is A&M a top-20 job nationally?

Again, the paycheck will attract some big names — I could so see Lane Kiffin throwing his visor in the ring — but it's worth discussing.

Fun night

There were a plethora of college hoops options Tuesday.

Nice win for the Mocs at home.

UT cruised by Wofford.

And the big showdown of Kansas-Kentucky was a lot of fun.

Kansas is going to be a handful.

Duke bested Michigan State in a game that was not overly aesthetically pleasing.

But it still was an entertaining slate, no?

This and that

— You know the rules. Here's Hargis on Signal's Josh Roberts stepping down as the Eagles head football coach.

— More rules. Here's Paschall looking ahead to the Vols' date with the Bulldogs and how UT needs to correct its run struggles against Georgia.

— Been a busy week for Rory McIlroy, who fired verbal shots at Patrick Cantlay, provided more details about the Ryder Cup kerfuffle and resigned from the PGA board.

— Draymond Green got ejected for putting Rudy Gobert in a headlock in an NBA game last night. Maybe the strangest part of that story is how quickly it escalated. Of course Green is a hothead and is among the all-time technical leaders, but want to guess the score when the gloves were dropped? Yep, it was 0-0.

Today's questions

So, if we are going to play Which Way Wednesday, we'll start with Which Way should Texas A&M go in its coaching search?

Also, since it was released 37 years ago today — yes, that makes me feel wicked old — which band's debut album is better than the Beastie Boys' "License to Ill" in your opinion?

Also on this day, Nov. 15, Randy Savage was born.

Speaking of the Macho Man, he has to make the Rushmore celebrity endorsers with a specific product right?

Because Savage's mug is still all over the Slim Jim displays at stores everywhere. And Macho Man died in 2011 friends.