Prefers safe bike lanes to highways and more letters to the editors

Prefers safe bike lanes to highways

Relating highway roadwork to bike lane infrastructure within the city is misguided and undermines the humanitarian effort to give our city back to the citizens who are being killed and maimed in increasing numbers.

I always prefer cars and trucks bunched up traveling at 25 mph in lieu of 15-75 mph bobbing and weaving to avoid each other, while having little to no regard for people.

I use the bike lanes every day, and I definitely see increased biking traffic, and the safer biking becomes, the more people will use them.

Ironically, bike lane usage makes it better for car drivers, taking cars off the streets, thereby allowing less congestion. Road diets slow speeding drivers and reduce driver crashes and injuries.

Not to worry though, a vision of traffic-free highways and asphalt forever beautification lies just ahead. Once the highway construction is completed, then six months later induced demand will require more asphalt lanes to reduce congestion. Atlanta has constructed highways with 20+ lanes and still has some of the worst traffic in the world.

So sure, keep doing the same thing over and over. It's bound to work someday when 36 lanes feed into single-lane exits. It'll be great, you'll see.

John Mathna

Take time for others during the holidays

We all can find some free time this season for others. Most of the needs of every family are out of reach due to the increase in prices.

Now is the time for us to help others. We can use half the time we spend on our cellphones to help others.

We can call family, friends and others and wish them "Merry Christmas."

We can spend special time with our children, who will love it. Hold our friends close, and look into their faces and let them know they are special.

Time is free. Take some time for others — it costs nothing. The reward is a true blessing for both.

Ruth Cote

Explain how recent wars were worth cost

The industrial-military complex is very powerful in this country, lobbying heavily in D.C. It can usually get politicians in both parties to support what it wants to do. And what it wants is for the U.S. to be involved in many wars that erupt. The complex profits immensely from this.

With the Biden administration, we have the ongoing war in Ukraine and now the serious conflict in Israel that has just erupted.

Before just jumping into these new conflicts, we should ask ourselves some very serious questions. Have we not learned any lessons from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?

More than $176 billion was spent by the U.S. on the Vietnam War, and more than 58,000 American lives were lost in this conflict. In the 20-year Afghanistan conflict, more than 6,000 U.S. lives were lost and $2.3 trillion U.S. dollars spent. In the Iraq war, more than 4,400 American lives were lost and close to $3 trillion of U.S. money was spent.

Can anyone point out to me today just how that much death and carnage, as well as the trillions of dollars spent, was worth the cost to the USA in those three wars? I'm waiting for any good answer ...

J. Johns

Ringgold, Ga.

Starving Ukraine army akin to Valley Forge?

Today's Congress is on a similar feckless path of starving an army it did in the winter of 1777. This resulted in part to the death and misery to those patriots in the fight to secure freedom and liberty for their county as they overwintered at Valley Forge.

We are about to do it again. Refusal to continue funding and equipping Ukraine is not about the money. Our military aid to Ukraine is a small investment in a free nation to defend itself from the Russian bully. The future for generations of Americans will be much darker and less prosperous if Russia subdues Ukraine and we signal China a green light for expansion.

I fear the voices that call to stop the funding for Ukraine's fight to secure its freedom are those that admire authoritarian regimes such as Putin's, while wrapped ironically in a patriot's flag.

John Myers


Protect our homes from sand quarry

Why would the Marion County mayor and some commissioners support a proposed sand quarry in Sewanee? What county leadership would allow a sand quarry to be allowed among residential homes and family farms? Marion County citizens, be fearful of your county's leadership because they might put a sand quarry next to your house or farm. I can't recall many families with children asking a Realtor if they can find them a home next to a sand quarry!

Elected officials should be looking out for their citizens and not be selling them out to industry. They should be protecting our health, way of life, well water and property values. We all worked hard for our homes and farms.

Pass the County Powers Act resolution to stop the quarry. The state legislature passed this law to help counties without zoning ordinances to protect their citizens. The resolution would cover just the sand plant and stop it from operating. No other businesses or agricultural entities would be affected by this resolution.

Stop selling fear, mayor and commissioners. Do the right thing for the citizens and pass the County Powers Act resolution.

Ron Bailey

Ask voters if they want dictatorship

Take the key points of the 2025 Project. Ask potential voters if these points represent dictatorship. Ask them if they would vote for these changes, that is, for a dictatorship in America. Tell them Trump endorses these plans and wants to "terminate" the Constitution. Ask them if they would vote for Trump.

David C. Redheffer

Ringgold, Ga.

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