New Chattanooga salon Clean Your Dirty Face offers quick and affordable facials

Staff photo by Olivia Ross / “Skin Boss” Halle Alexander works on Maria Garcias facial at Clean Your Dirty Face.

Relax your body and spirit at a new salon oasis known as Clean Your Dirty Face, located at 19 Cherokee Boulevard just across from the Chattanooga Cookie Company.

Sonia Desai welcomes you to her new salon on the North Shore, just a 4-minute walk from Coolidge Park. Designed with the busy person in mind, Clean Your Dirty Face offers salon-goers a relaxing facial during their lunch hour or during a touristy day downtown.

Desai says that choosing Chattanooga made sense because of its varied neighborhoods, its work-play balance, and its strong community vibe. Desai immigrated to Chattanooga from India with her family when she was 11 years old. After moving away for college and several jobs, she is now back with her husband and two sons, ready to embrace her Chattanooga community and this new business endeavor.

Upon walking into this sunny, modern shop, friendly staff direct guests to consult with an aesthetician.

"Let's give our clients the best service possible," Desai encourages her aestheticians, all trained in Chicago, skilled to understand CYDF's signature products and confident to assist you with your unique skin type.


You can schedule a typical, 30-minute facial or decide to add an enhancement package, such as one that includes a pumpkin scrub that smells divine. During each step of the process, your aesthetician will describe each product, its key ingredients and its purpose. You can feel confident that the products she massages into your face are made with quality, natural ingredients, all vegan and cruelty-free.

"The Scorpion Scrub exfoliates already-clear skin — the green tea and ylang ylang lessen inflammation," the aesthetician explains.

Clean Your Dirty Face founder Shama Patel embarked on her own journey to create quality skincare for all — even those on a budget — which includes natural products and educated staff, all inspired by her own skincare challenges as a teen and young adult. All product ingredients used in the facials are listed on their website, a fact thay will give you even more confidence in the brand.

"People are beautiful," Desai emphasizes as she describes her passion for providing a safe space to refresh her clients and mentor her staff. Desai's energy and passion are evident when you meet her. "So many business owners have mentored me in the process of opening this shop; I want to pay it forward by investing in our staff and our community," she shared.

A teenager named Maggie described her experience at Clean Your Dirty Face: "It was so cool —there was no judgment about where I was with my skin," she said. "I wish the facial was longer."

Schedule an appointment in just a few clicks — or, walk in while you wait for brunch. Drivers will appreciate the off-street parking in the front and beside the building, and those with physical challenges can easily access this salon.

Your experience at Clean Your Dirty Face is sure to revive and relax you. This downtown Chattanooga haven is worth the pause.