Autopsy shows Jasmine Pace stabbed 60 times

Staff photo by Olivia Ross / A candlelight vigil for Jasmine Pace took place Dec. 5 in Coolidge Park.

Jasmine Pace, the Chattanooga woman found dead in November, was stabbed 60 times, an autopsy report released Wednesday shows.

Jason Chen, 22, faces charges of criminal homicide and corpse abuse in connection with Pace's death.

Chief Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Steven Cogswell previously testified in court about the 60 stab wounds found on Pace's body, saying multiple wounds could have caused her death.

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The autopsy found major damage to her right jugular vein, larynx, right lung, ribs and other arteries. Stab wounds were primarily found on the right side of Pace's head, neck, upper back and arm.

Pace's body was found in the fetal position, the report says, wrapped in three black plastic trash bags inside a hard-sided suitcase.

Investigators found her body off Suck Creek Road days after family members reported her disappearance.

Her ankles were handcuffed to her arms, the report says, and she had rust marks from the wet handcuffs on her ankles, wrists, right thigh and right arm.

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Several stab wounds penetrated bone, according to the report, and one ruptured an eye. Another wound almost completely severed her larynx, or voice box, in her neck, the report said. Part of a knife was found broken off and embedded in Pace's lung.

Cogswell previously testified that some of Pace's injuries appeared to come from efforts at warding off a weapon, including cuts on her hand and arm.

Pace, 22, was reported missing Nov. 27 after not showing up to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. Her body was found Dec. 1.

The body was wet and had begun decomposing by the time medical examiners began the autopsy that same day, according to the report.

Moderate to severe swelling was found in Pace's brain, the report said.

Tests for alcohol and drugs came back negative, according to the medical examiner.

Chen is detained at the Hamilton County Jail on a $5 million bond, where he awaits an October hearing date. His attorney has complained about conditions at the jail.

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