Chattanooga Hardwood Center to close after 30 years of operation

Staff Photo by Dave Flessner / The Chattanooga Hardwood Center at 2420 E. Main St. is closing Saturday after more than 30 years of selling lumber for local woodworkers, cabinet makers and artisans.

Chattanooga Hardwood Center is shutting down this week after supplying lumber to local woodworkers, cabinet makers and artisans for the past 30 years.

Amy Adams, whose father Don Fillers started the lumber supply business on East Main Street in 1993, said she is trying to liquidate her lumber supplies and close the business for the last time by the end of the week.

"I've been struggling to remain profitable, and it seemed like the best time to turn this over to another business and to become a landlord, instead of the business owner," Adams said in a telephone interview Monday.

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One of the long-time vendors and suppliers for Chattanooga Hardwood Center — Lumberjacks Tree Service — is taking over the lumber yard to continue offering unique and distinctive hardwoods and reclaimed lumber to the customers who have long relied upon Chattanooga Hardwood.

Lumberjacks Tree Service, which is owned by Tyler Schievelhud and has operated in Chattanooga since 2012, will lease the two-story building and hire the eight-person staff that now operates Chattanooga Hardwood Center.

Julie Oliverius, the marketing manager for Lumberjacks Tree Service, said the new operators of the business at 2420 E. Main St. will continue to sell and deliver a variety of lumber products in the Chattanooga area. After a business transition next week, Lumberjacks should open its new lumber yard in the Chattanooga Hardwood Center location later next month.

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Oliverius said Lumberjacks will continue to operate its tree-cutting service and sawmill from its location at 4123 Cromwell Road.

Adams, who has worked in the family business at Chattanooga Hardwood Center for the past 25 years, said she has been conducting a going-out-of-business sale all month and will shut down entirely by Saturday.

The business is located near the growing Mill Town development in the former Standard-Coosa-Thatcher thread mill "so we'll see what the future brings for this property," Adams said.

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