Check out these spots in the Chattanooga area for amazing gourmet cookies

Photo contributed by Michael and Heather Ferris / Michael and Heather Ferris with daughters Kallie, Pria and Cora
Photo contributed by Michael and Heather Ferris / Michael and Heather Ferris with daughters Kallie, Pria and Cora

You've done it: New shoes for the kids? Check. A new bathing suit for summer? Check. A Mother's Day gift for Mom? Done. You've crossed off most everything on your shopping list.

Now it's time for one last item: Cookies! And there they are: Gourmet cookies, each bite a delicious indulgence, are a well-deserved treat after a day at the mall.

"Whether it's a small pick-me-up during a challenging day or a special treat to celebrate an accomplishment, cookies have the power to uplift spirits and bring joy," says cookie man Michael Ferris, owner of Mike's Monster Cookies.

Here's a look at several places around Chattanooga where you can stop and shop when that cookie craving hits.

Mike's Monster Cookies

Chattanooga Market

Ferris is aided by his bakers: wife Heather and daughters Kallie (11 years old), Pria (9) and Cora (6).

During baking season, you'll find Kallie, Pria and Cora doing a variety of jobs, including processing transactions, bagging product, running the cash drawer, helping to manufacture cookie bags or creating personalized designs on paper bags for customers to enjoy before they open the bags to reveal cookies — ranging from the Monster Chip Cookie to Unicorn S'Mores the size of plates, all with fresh ingredients, including butter made in the Ferris' home. The cookies are free of gluten, dairy, eggs and dyes, but still filled with flavor.

  photo  Photo contributed by Michael and Heather Ferris / Cookies from Mike's Monster Cookies

Mike's Monster Cookies was born in California while Ferris was in a detox facility recovering from an alcohol and drug addiction.

"I used to make my cookies for AA meetings, and they ended up being a big hit," he says. "I realized how much peace they brought me in making them, particularly because of the childhood nostalgia that felt so familiar to my core."

The family moved to Chattanooga four years ago and now sells their cookies every weekend at the Chattanooga Market.

Crumbl Cookies

Local locations in Chattanooga, Hixson, Cleveland, Dalton and Fort Oglethorpe

When Chattanooga attorney Jim Ward was laid off from his job at CBL Properties during the pandemic, an idea came to mind: open a bakery specializing in cookies. So he and his wife, Celeste, decided to do just that.

"I felt like there was a pretty big void in that area," he says. "The only real options [in Chattanooga] were some of the legacy retailers."

As novices, they wanted to find a company that had mastered recipes for a commercial bakery and had a robust marketing strategy. Crumbl fit every category.

  photo  Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Celeste and Jim Ward at Crumbl Cookies

"We immediately fell in love with the concept," Ward says.

And Chattanooga has fallen in love with Crumbl cookies, all made from scratch using quality ingredients. The menu at Crumbl changes weekly, choosing from a list of 270 cookies. There are several standouts, such as the Buttermilk Pancake, Brownie Batter S'mores and Raspberry Cheesecake.

Although there are locations across the country, the Wards are local owners who own all five area stores.

"I think our customers are delighted to receive warm cookies, fresh out of the warmer that melt in your mouth," Ward says. "And the cookies are large, so we recommend enjoying them with family and friends."

Federal Bake Shop

1966 Northpoint Blvd. in Hixson

Thumbprint cookies in a rainbow of colors. Magnificent cookies brimming with colorful M&Ms. Big chocolate chunk cookies. Cookies crowned with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. Trays of yummy no-bake cookies chock full of oatmeal and chocolate... The selection of cookies at Federal Bake Shop is a cookie lover's dream and the perfect tonic to end a day of shopping.

Federal offers an array of cakes, pastries and other confections, but "we're known for our thumbprint cookies," says second-generation owner Duane Ainsworth.

The thumbprint cookies are small but mighty, making "the perfect snack for any season or occasion," Ainsworth adds.

  photo  Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Baker Glen Kagan with some thumbprint cookies at the Federal Bake Shop

Federal Bake Shop has been a family-owned bakery in Hixson for 50 years this year, first opened at Northgate Mall in 1974 by Jimmy Joe and Jeanelle Ainsworth. The bakery moved to its current location in 1994. Now, in 2024, it's time to celebrate a milestone 50th birthday, and what better way to do so than with cookies?

There's just something about cookies that satisfies the soul — not just any cookie, but those that provide nostalgia with each bite.

"They're a great comfort food, and after a day of shopping, they're easy to snack on," Ainsworth says. "They bring back memories of home."

  photo  Staff photo by Matt Hamilton / Thumbprint cookies at the Federal Bake Shop

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