A look at the many facets of love in Chattanooga

Getty Images / Photo illustration by Matt McClane
Getty Images / Photo illustration by Matt McClane

Ah, love. They say it makes the world go 'round. It can do no wrong.

Love conquers all. Love will find a way.

And when you have it, everything is all rainbows and cookie dough. But when love escapes you -- when you're unlucky in love -- it seems that you'll make nearly any effort or sacrifice just to find "the one." Call it a labor of love.

Here, we're looking at the many facets of love: how to find it (at any age), how to find it again, how to hang onto it and what happens when, sometimes, it goes horribly wrong.

We've got those "meet-cute" tales that warm even the most unsentimental of hearts, including the story of one couple who came together thanks to a little push from well-meaning helpers.

We've got stories of those who have been happily in love for decades, and those who are still in the love-blind, butterfly-filled, pink-fuzzy-stuffed-plush-koala stage of a budding relationship. And we also hear from locals who are more in the market for a good, platonic connection and really do just want to be friends.

From dating apps to dating disasters, here's a look at all things love.

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