Don’t be rushed in stadium project and more letters to the editors

Don't be rushed in stadium project

"We have to pass this bill so that you can find out what's in it." — Nancy Pelosi

Are the Chattanooga City Council and the Hamilton County Commission about to experience a "Pelosi" moment?

During recent debates about the stadium proposal, our representatives appeared to be in the dark about the details. Several frustrated county commissioners apparently believe that the stadium has been discussed for 18 months without action.

In reality, the bodies approved $80 million for the stadium project in 2022. Arguably, the original proposal was passed hastily without proper vetting.

On or around Jan. 9, 2024, roughly three weeks ago, the stadium proponents came forward with a new estimated cost of $120 million.

Why has this taken so long? The project was far from "shovel-ready" in 2022. The plan was in its early stages. The property owner stated this week that the planning is still only 70% complete.

Many unanswered questions remain, and details of the current proposal are difficult to obtain.

Someone has done a masterful job convincing the council, the commission and commission chairman that the "delays" belong to them. That's inaccurate. These elected bodies haven't caused the delays, and should not rush the process because there is a real or manufactured crisis.

Stan Burton

Chinese prevailing while FBI dithers

The FBI director testified to Congress recently that the Communist Chinese have a 50-to-one advantage over the FBI of people trying to break into our infrastructure (such as the electric grid), government systems (including Departments of Defense and Energy), and other important systems. The Chinese are overwhelming our cyber defenses and are prepared to wreak havoc on our country at a time and place of their choosing.

The Biden administration's top priority for the FBI is chasing the fictitious white supremacists it falsely claims are trying to overthrow our government. Because of that policy, our country is truly at risk of the Communist Chinese destroying our way of life. What are you going to do without water and electricity? Talk about wrong priorities!

To save America, Biden must be defeated in November.

Rusty Lacy

Rossville, Ga.

Stadium project needs due diligence

Why is it every time something critical is said about Mayor Wamp, it comes from two or three individuals? They clearly have a personal axe to grind with the Wamp family.

The Lookouts stadium project and the McDonald Farm project are wrapped-up [projects] force-fed to Wamp by the previous mayor and county commission. Both were ill-conceived economic development pipe dreams with huge unanswered questions. Wamp has seemingly tried to polish the McDonald Farm [project] as it is in its unaltered state a beautiful opportunity for recreation for the community. The stadium continues to be forced upon all of us.

This week Commissioner Jeff Eversole announced a "final deal" with Mayor Tim Kelly and the developers. But he has continued to walk back expectations. Seems like the deal wasn't so final after all. Setting a voting date does nothing more than show your hand to the Lookouts that there will be a deal. For someone so concerned with leverage, he gave a lot away with his actions.

Entering a 30-year mortgage requires due diligence and on behalf of taxpayers. This project should too.

Jim Merklinger


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