It’s ‘crazy talk’ that Democrats are ‘vile’ and more letters to the editors

It's 'crazy talk' that Democrats are 'vile'

The lead story on Feb. 5 in the Times Free Press, headlined "Cold Civil War: At Tennessee Neighbors For Liberty event in Soddy-Daisy, fears of an FBI run amok," was a chilling account of the extremist group Tennessee Neighbors for Liberty and the forum it hosted featuring a host of wild conspiracy theories about the FBI, the federal government and the Democratic Party.

Everyone is entitled to their own views, but it's irresponsible of the TFP to allow hate speech to infiltrate its pages, let alone a story above the fold on Page One. In the article, Steve Friend refers to Democrats as "vile, murderous, Marxist, communists." This is very dangerous language and should not be sanctioned in print. It is not even countered with a rational response in the story. I should not have to point out that is crazy talk.

John C Reis

Now is the time to fend off Russia

The U.S. Congress must fund aid to Ukraine now. Allowing the Russians to conquer Ukraine will have disastrous consequences. As an Army chaplain, I lived in Germany for eight years. A German friend said to me, "Wars, big wars, start in Europe." Putin and his generals have told us, many times, that they won't stop with Ukraine. In the future, they will attack other countries, now in NATO, that we are obligated by treaty to defend.

Funding Ukraine now, to defend itself, will prevent the shedding of blood of U.S. soldiers on a much larger scale later on. Displaying weakness before a dictator will also encourage the dictator in China to forcibly conquer Taiwan and whatever else he desires in Asia.

This is much like the world situation in 1939. We can stop the next world war by showing strength, giving aid, now.

Jim Watson


Immigration need: 'reasonable' control

The word immigration is not a dirty word. Immigration policy has been a target for probably as long as many of us have been alive. Many of us are first-generation Americans and proudly so. I am trying to understand the almost-violent opposition to immigration. I know you probably limit your opposition to immigration considered to be illegal, as I do.

There needs to be "reasonable" control. What that looks like is only possible when we talk about the issues in an atmosphere that is calm and oriented toward a workable solution. We need a correction that will take intelligence and political will.

Trump has made clear very openly that any change now would not benefit his re-election campaign. It frightens me that a demagogue with questionable goals is affecting our legislative process so negatively. He needs to be dealt with openly and seriously. Let's make sure he gets the message that our democracy is ours and not his personal property. Vote as if our democracy is at risk. It is a major issue on the ballot.

Irv Ginsberg

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