The Rant

Instead of out-of-towners using our tax money to build themselves a stadium, let's build a wonderful park that everyone can enjoy without buying a ticket.

Question: How have the North Shore, Apison and East Brainerd experienced explosive growth without a stadium as a catalyst?

Disgraced former FBI agent peddles MAGA Jan. 6 propaganda at right-wing Soddy-Daisy church. And the TFP gives this front-page coverage. Shame.

If Weston Wamp and his mini-cult had been around in the '80s, there would be no Aquarium, no Riverpark, no Coolidge Park, no progress.

Stadium property owners let the property rot for 20 years and now will profit handsomely. Would other property owners be allowed to ignore their land too? Doubt it.

Question for the 80-something crowd attending the Tennessee Neighbors For Liberty event: Did the 80 refer to number in attendance, age or IQ?

New tax money? Old tax money? Either way, taxes are being used to provide a place of business for a privately owned enterprise.

More women need to run for office in Tennessee. We need common sense, not cave man bullies or Dark Ages mentality.

School vouchers are scams, handouts for the wealthy. Education is like a public utility, like electricity or water. Taxes are for public, not private entities.

"Right side" columnist Ron Hart seems to be morphing into something like Trump. That is to say, "unhinged."

My wife's hairdresser has gone up again. I may have to eat beans out of a can, but talk about a necessity (!) for my well-being.

Senate grilling social media execs demonstrates real concern of social media negative effect. Next up, the NRA and gun manufacturers. Just kidding.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to impeach, censure or defund her opponents. I have a suggestion for my representative. Do something useful for a change.

Where were Fleischmann and Blackburn on the border bill? Killing the bill as tribute to Trump over the American people?

America is having trouble filling its military needs. How about giving suitable immigrants a path to citizenship if they sign up for four years.

C'mon, Congress. Americans want new legislation on immigration and other critical issues now. Don't wait until after the election. We don't care who gets credit.

Sure I'm worried what happens if Trump is re-elected. We already know what happens when he loses.

Simple math, no ifs, buts or maybes allowed: Compare your actual net purchasing power with that when Trump was president and now when Biden is.

Elvis? Mr. Trump states that some people think he looks like Elvis. Yes. Autopsy table Elvis.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Motto of current administration. It's ruining our country. No evil, no consequences, so more evil.

Solar panels don't freeze. If wind turbines are winterized, they won't either. That's why cold Iowa can get 40% of its electricity from wind.

Israel: If you build a community on your land, it's a town. If you build it on someone else's land, it's a settlement.

Still puzzled. Why do professing Christians support Trump? Would you tolerate a pastor who said what Trump did about grabbing women? Why do you want this kind of leader?

Our president is delusional. Now the border crisis is totally MAGA and Trump's fault?

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