“Ferners” from China and surrounding parishes attempting hostile land takeover in Soddy-Daisy? Build a wall or a P.F. Chang’s before it’s too late.

The North Georgia congresswoman’s even having opinions about Larry David and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is mind-roastingly disproportionate. Like mulch having an opinion about microchips.

Another hospital vs. health insurance fight playing out over “the money,” creating worry for patients. Expand Moccasin Bend to assist citizens with resulting anxiety disorders.

Good Free Press editorial, “If we lived in Georgia.” Rep Greene kisses Trump’s butt as he throws her taxpayer money to spread lies and ridiculous fabrications.

Brilliant for state legislators to ban certain color combinations on school flags. Sadly, all school children cannot read nor spell the names of those colors.

Who ya gonna believe: the for-profit hospital or the greedy insurance company? Time for Medicare for All.

Benwood Foundation’s funding CALEB, seeking to unionize VW. Ben would be spinning in his grave. Ron Hart calls it “donor drift.” Spot on again.

Whew! I am glad to know I can vote my conscience and not worry about my “party” affiliation. GOP politicians are scared of that.

“Cheeseburger in Paradise”: Glad state lawmakers finally caught up with Jimmy Buffett. “Warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead.”

Ripple effect: Potholes and damaged streets have become so shattering that I will never again purchase new nor high-end used vehicle. Sorry, automobile dealers.

Another VW-UAW nail-biter coming, huh? Wonder what VW brass and Tennessee elected leaders are really talking about behind closed doors.

Alexei Navalny has died in prison. We don’t want this to happen to Trump’s critics (don’t vote for him).

“Thoughts and prayers … It wasn’t the gun’s fault.” Is anyone else getting really tired of this script?

Wamp thinks there is a distrust of the government. You are the government. Maybe it’s time to apologize to Red Bank?

Why are you surprised that illegal migrants bring the crime and violence they know to our country? Gangs are transportable. No vetting is criminal.

Joseph Robinette Biden: The worst president in American history … or in the history of anywhere.

I’ve not seen insurrection in any legal charges. The word is just tossed around like it’s proven fact. It’s not. It won’t be.

It’s sad to see elderly folks giving their limited money to pay defense lawyers for a con man. How do their kids feel about that?

Biden is so doggone mad about the death of Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison that he told Putin he is going to bomb Montana.

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