The Rant

A hundred cells is not a person.

Ok, so the nutjobs in Nashville don't like woman's rights, anything LGBTQ or critical thinking. But considering a law against selling cold beer? What the heck are they thinking?

Imbroglio. Alabama braintrust deems frozen embryos to be children. Can we claim them as dependents on our taxes?

Millions to replace a good, 20-year-old stadium? How about some full-time employees to pick up roadside litter? Trashiest city I've ever seen.

Government funding, people dying in Ukraine, border security, and you guys go on vacation for two weeks.

The Supreme Court tells Biden he cannot legally cancel student debt. Yet, Biden continues to do so. So much for the rule of law in Biden's America. He is just buying votes.

My repaid, nontrade college debt was worth it to learn to think critically, analyze, write creatively, speak freely, make presentations. Ah, the liberal arts.

No matter who it is, I'll vote for the first politician who proposes term limits for the Senate, House and Supreme Court.

NYC is well on the way to becoming a blighted bog. Sad, unnecessary. Puts me in a NO York state of mind.

Oh my goodness, what in the world is wrong with diversity, equity and inclusion? I'm pretty sure Jesus would be OK with it.

The real question for House Republicans is how many of them will buy $399 Trump tennis shoes?

Help me understand: If you're a MAGA disciple, does that mean you're also an admirer of Putin and Kim Jong Un like your leader is?

Wrong to feed and house migrants while U.S. citizens do without. Close the spigot!

A greater buy for the Trumpster would be Donald's Glorious Golden Heel Spur Sneaker special for only $3,999, plus shipping, proven effective in past draft dodging events.

Will Biden join Franklin Pierce as the only elected president and active candidate for re-election not to receive his party's nomination for a second term?

I just saw a popup ad for a Trumpinator bobblehead doll. Seriously. Could the presidency be any more trivialized?

Can Democrats walk away from Joe Biden (and Kamala)? There's time to do it. The country needs a stronger candidate to keep you-know-who out.

Trump's public adoration for Russian killer and disdain for Arlington military heroes as "losers" is nauseating for most normal adults.

Biden's bumbling, stumbling, fumbling is not presidential. And his policies re: student loans and the border are ridiculous.

Now, not even Putin wants Trump presidency! He's too immature and unpredictable. World leaders want other world leaders to act like adult, not spoiled children.

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