5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers and it’s past time to keep fans from storming the court

Jake Knapp, of the United States, poses with his trophy during the award ceremony after winning the Mexico Open golf tournament in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)
Jake Knapp, of the United States, poses with his trophy during the award ceremony after winning the Mexico Open golf tournament in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

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Weekend winners

Jake Knapp. Dude is a real-life Tin Cup. Read his story, and wow, what a movie that will make. Too bad Costner is too old to play the title role.

You guys and gals. Not sure I can thank you regulars enough for the community and the conversation this place has crafted. You folks rock.

John Calipari. Few folks needed a big win as much as the UK boss, but his crew delivered. I will submit several NCAA tournament sheets. UK will be my national champ on at least three. That crew can really score.

Fred Hoiberg. Nebraska basketball is a thing. Seriously. And The Mayor has the Huskers — "Hickory!" — playing their tails off.Did we ever think there was going to be a time that Nebraska hoops was way more important than Nebraska football?

Caitlin Clark. Messed around and dropped a triple double Sunday. Cue Ice Cube, people, because every day is a good day to be Caitlin Clark.

Frank Reed. Wow, 1,200 wins and still counting for the UTC softball coach. That's a whole bunch of Ws, friends.

Weekend losers

Scott Boras. Yikes, the MLB super agent is now telling a client like Cody Bellinger to take what theoretically is a rollover contract rather than the long-term deal they demanded. And that's not even mentioning he has three top-flight starting pitchers still waiting on offers because a lot of teams refuse to deal with Boras. (Side note:If you are the Braves, signing Blake Snell makes you the favorite to win the whole shebang.)

Brandon Novak. Man, being a professional bowler has to be a tough gig. Being a pro bowler who is arrested mid-tournament on child porn charges is a whole different level of yikes.

Nikki Haley. And in some ways all of us, because Haley got trounced by Trump in her home state of South Carolina, which means she has no chance to be the GOP nominee, which means we are going to have to choose between Trump and Joe Biden in November. Double yikes.

Me. Prayers are always appreciated, friends.

Cam Newton haters. Cam got jumped by some other coaches at a 7-on-7 football event. I love Cam. I love Cam like Vader loves Joe Burrow. I will forever be a fan. Man, why does Cam generate so much hatred?

Time to shut it down

I have stormed a court before. I was a student at Auburn and the Tigers beat then-top-ranked Arkansas.

In truth, I had heckled Arkansas star Corliss Williamson to the point that I thought he was going to knock my block off.

Side question: "Knock my block off" as a phrase, friend or foe?

Welp, Duke lost to Wake Forest over the weekend and those crazy Demon Deacons supporters rushed the floor after the buzzer.

But Duke star forward Kyle Filipowski was injured in the scrum, which is terrible.

Filipowski is one of the best players in college basketball and likely will be a lottery pick.

This comes after Caitlin Clark was almost hurt when opposing fans stormed the floor earlier this season.

This has to end, and it needs to end sooner rather than later.


This and that

— Great column from Orlando Sentinel ace Mike Bianchi here on the importance of living as much as you can while you can.

— So Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and Luc Longley are going on a speaking tour to trash the "Last Dance" documentary that was 100% MJ propaganda.

— Speaking of the PGA, Stephan Jaeger finished T3 in Mexico, a handful of shots behind Knapp. Still, it was a tasty check for Jaeger, who made almost $430K for the weekend. Fellow Baylor School alum Keith Mitchell finished T19 and made a smidgen more than $99K.

— Wow, a great finish for the NASCAR race in the ATL. Been to that track more times than I can count. Always a fun trip.

— So Bob Costas has offered his view on Donald Trump. Yeah, we all have our opinions, but this side of Jim Nantz, I'm not sure Costas should be saying anyone has an over-inflated ego. Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot.

— The Plays had a positive weekend thanks to UK, AU, UT and, of course, Nebraska, but I even hesitate mentioning it because now we are destined for a 1-6 stretch between now and Thursday.

Today's questions

Weekend winners and losers. Go.

As for multiple choice Monday, let's offer this:

Which election in your memory did you have no person you could reasonably support, because that is what we are staring at with Biden v. Trump?

As for today, Feb. 26, let's review.

Some home run hitters were born on this day.

Johnny Cash would have been 92. Jackie Gleason would have been 108.

Levi Strauss would have been 195.

Rushmore of "jeans" and have a little fun, friends.

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