Was Frost article to point out good and more letters to the editors

Was Frost article to point out good?

I have been trying to discern the point of TFP reporter Andrew Schwartz's most recent article about Jonathan Frost. What is the intent of the discussion of the family foundations, their boards and the fact that members of the family have been in leadership positions in local charities?

Whatever the motive for this article, Mr. Schwartz, who has previously done some good reporting on the sad case of Jonathan Frost, seems to have lost his way. What he has achieved in this article is to show the ways the Frost family has, through its generosity and civic leadership, contributed greatly to Chattanooga, its churches and its charities.

So, if the point was to laud the family for what they've done for our community, I second that and hope that that is all he intended.

Nick Decosimo

Grateful for Rainbow Falls heroes

I was visiting Chattanooga toward the end of November, doing some hiking and exploring. On Nov. 22, I had started hiking at Rainbow Falls on Signal Mountain.

Unfortunately, when dusk arrived, I found myself lost, and my GPS showed I was 1 1/2 hours away from my car with no direct trail there.

Fortunately, I came across two gentlemen on a two-track. One was riding a four-wheeler, and one was riding a dirt bike. Unfortunately, I do not remember their names. However, they were kind enough to give me a ride out of the woods and got me back to my car.

To the two gentlemen who rescued me from the woods, thank you very much for your kindness. You were a beacon of light in what was about to become a very bad experience. For that, I will always be grateful.

Susan L. Davis


Sorting out the GOP, government overreach

In the Dec. 14 TFP story, "Voucher Doubting," Gov. Bill Lee is quoted as saying, "Parents know best what's best for their kid, and every parent ought to have that option." However, Lee and the rest of the Republican legislature say the same parents do not know what is best for their own family, or for a woman's health, or even for her life, and that doctors who have many years of training and experience in the dangers of pregnancy and birth know less than some politicians.

The Republican Party's rant, "Government overreach!," rings hollow now that the politicians trying to control women's bodies are Republicans.

Marjorie Pasch

Question and think before you act, vote

George Bernard Shaw said, "Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and 95 percent of the people would rather die than think."

If we can't get those 95% to start thinking instead of following the party line of their respective tribes, this country is heading into dangerous waters.

What is amazing to me is that the most dangerous folks are old. I am 80, and I know that at one time in their lives they were able to think. What happened to them that made them able to believe the most outrageous things without question?

Jim Garrett

Trion, Ga.

Police, mental health combo makes sense

After watching WRCB's report on the newly established Chattanooga Police Department's crisis co-responder unit, it seems to make a lot of sense pairing a trained officer with a mental health professional.

I would think expanding the unit would be a logical progression with time. As most people are aware, there are a lot of people suffering from varying degrees of mental illness, and these teams help those people who are in a mental crisis situation.

Kudos to the Chattanooga Police Department and mental health professionals who are stepping up and trying to make life better for all Chattanoogans.

Charlie Kelly

Enter 'orange Jesus,' exit 10 Commandments

A Trump White House official has this to say: "He lacks any shred of human decency, humility or caring ... He is morally bankrupt, breathtakingly dishonest, lethally incompetent, and stunningly ignorant of virtually anything related to governing, history, geography, human events, or world affairs ..."

This is an excellent description of the "orange Jesus" idol that so many evangelicals genuflect to. Having been seduced into the cult of Trumpism, the once highly respected evangelicals now process everything through a one-sided "orange Jesus" political filter. Sadly, the evangelical Christian faith has been reprogrammed and reduced to cult worship void of any recognition of 10 Commandments.

Johnny Jones


Global domination is climate hysteria goal

Without debate, there is climate change — a constant $6 billion-plus year phenomenon with uncontrollable natural precursors that dwarf man's disingenuous "solutions" deemed essential to avoid the "existential threat" of cataclysmic man-made climate change (MMCC). Contrary to such global indoctrination, catastrophic MMCC is a carefully manufactured, artfully orchestrated, unadulterated lie designed not for environmental preservation but rather as a means to install global governance. Ridiculous? See the United Nations' — the main perpetrator of the MMCC deception and arguably the world's most corrupt institution — Agenda 2030 Plan for Global Sustainable Development. The dictates promoted by climate change zealots are but the tip of a cleverly obscured totalitarian iceberg.

Prompting inevitable doomsday scenarios, global socialists assert that environmental salvation is only possible if Western nations surrender their sovereignties to — and fund — an unelected global governance. Future demands will become ever more intrusive — population control being an inevitability — as fabricated predictions become ever more dire, and thirst for global control becomes ever more desperate as facts debunk cataclysmic theories.

The real threat to mankind is not climate change but rather the assured economic and societal carnage that will result if Western democracies surrender to a manufactured global hysteria. The objective is global domination, not environmental salvation.

R.G. Kirn


Biden has pulled us from economic mess

Last Sunday's paper contained two letters critical of President Biden's economic policies. They were rife with misleading accusations. First, interest rates and mortgage rates are not set by the president. They are set by the Federal Reserve, a separate government entity. Second, border control funding is controlled by Congress, not the president. The Republican Congress has had two years to fund the border and has not addressed the issue. Third, regarding Iranian frozen assets which were held by a South Korean bank: They were released to a bank in Qatar with the stipulation they were to be used for humanitarian purposes, and any spending was to be monitored by U.S. Treasury. When Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, those funds were frozen again.

Lastly, "Bidenomics" is working. Inflation is down to 3.1% from a high of 7.3%. Unemployment is at its lowest rate in 54 years. Presidents do not control consumer prices. Corporations do. Presidential economic policies influence consumer prices, but they do not control them.

President Biden was handed a terrible economy because of COVID and Trump's policies. He promised he would pull us out of the economic mess, and he has kept his promise.

Rebecca Rochat

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