5-at-10: Weekend winners (Young QB1s) and losers (Yeah Dallas), thoughts on a new Lookouts Stadium

New Alabama football head coach Kalen DeBoer departs after his introductory speech at Bryant-Denny Stadium, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. DeBoer is replacing the recently retired Nick Saban. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)
New Alabama football head coach Kalen DeBoer departs after his introductory speech at Bryant-Denny Stadium, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. DeBoer is replacing the recently retired Nick Saban. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone.

Wow, what a head-spinning week, right? This is how crazy the past seven days have been:

— At this time last week we were wondering if Washington coach Kalen DeBoer and the Huskies could upset Michigan.

— Now, we are wondering if Alabama coach Kalen DeBoer can ...

Yeah, that says it all.

Weekend winners

Dan Campbell. How great is it when your team has a football coach you would not trade for anyone. The Lions have that, and, after Sunday night's narrow escape against the Rams, the tears of joy were real.

Jordan Love (and the Green Bay leadership). Sure the 48-32 win over Dallas was cool for Love's playoff debut. (And let's be honest, the game was never that close.) But if you are part of the Packers leadership core, how giddy are you as Jordan Love looks the part of being a true QB1 dude and former Packers QB1 Aaron Rodgers is making a ton of headlines despite not playing since Labor Day?

CJ Stroud. Dude is HIM. Him is a DUDE. Buy stock in the Texans now, because they have a top-5(ish) QB1 on a rookie deal through 2027 with options. Good times.

Peacock. Check the numbers. It was something like 27 million on the overnight for a streaming operation. The NFL is boss.

USA. So the new Miss America is an Air Force Academy student? Cool. And somewhere Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is thinking of ways to mentor this future avatar — even if she is Air Force as opposed to Navy.

Home college basketball teams getting points against ranked foes. Gang, as a a culture looking toward the gambling angle on almost everything, it is impossible not to see the clear trend of ranked teams struggling in road games during the last few weeks.

Weekend losers

Mike McCarthy. Yikes. Wininng 12 games and landing the 2 seed is great Coach. But another playoff stink bomb could mean Jerry Jones would like to see you in his office. Also, remember like a month ago when everyone wanted to interview Dan Quinn? Yeah, that was fun while it lasted.

Rory McIlroy. Man, a three-putt bogey as your playing partner makes birdie for a two-shot swing to win a tournament on the final hole is bad enough. Then I see that Rory and the Euro crew are playing in Dubai — a city and venue every bit as supported by the Saudis as the LIV — and I wonder, hmmmmmmm.

Tony Dungy and the rest of the haters. Far be it from me to try to defend Taylor Swift — a) that's the job of Spy and the rest of the Swifties and b) whatever — but this quote from the Super Bowl winning coach, who also cashes big checks from NBC to "entertain" during the NFL games, is simply horse hockey: "That's the thing that's disenchanting people with sports now," Dungy said about the Swift coverage. "There's so much on the outside coming in — entertainment value and different things taking away from what really happens on the field."

Lookouts look out?

Man, the rolling developments of the Lookouts stadium have taken a real turn in the past week or so.

It happens.

Here is more from Mike Pare, the TFP business ace who has been as consistently good at the TFP like, well, Pare is the simile in that sentence.

Thanks for all you do, Mike.

So now, as the prices skyrocket, we are re-worried about the Lookouts stadium and the taxpayer investment in the project at the Wheland Foundry.

That's OK. In fact, getting buyer's remorse before we are even a buyer is actually cool for Joe Taxpayer.

But here's the things:

— Is that land ever going to be better used than this?

— Are we prepared to lose the Lookouts (which will 100% happen without the new venue)?

— How many better uses does our county have for tax-based loans and incentives than a nine-figure stadium gift-wrapped touber-wealthy nine-figure folks?

All of that is discussed, but know this: The payment note is committed for 30 years. Name the last sports stadium that lasted 30 years.

Which leads me to this question, and this one is something very few folks have asked:

What's more important, the Lookouts or that land?

And I ask with full admission that I have attended way more than 100 (likely closer to 500) Lookouts games as a fan.

I love the Lookouts and everything about them. From the affordable entertainment to the logo to the great environment Rich Mozingo and his crew have created.

But as the numbers skyrocket for our collective investment in the jewel for an Ivy-league educated dude worth nine figures, I can't help but wonder what is in our best interest.

Is it the ballpark? Yes, it could be and it could be beautiful. Think of the Truist model. But then again, the Lookouts flourished two decades ago by realizing they were competing against the downtown Bijou rather than the Braves.

And it is 100% true that if this deal — no matter how high it climbs and how many tax incentives get turned from school issues to Lookouts wants — does not happen, the Lookouts ownership will move them elsewhere.

It's an either/or conversation at this point.

We just need to make sure our leaders know which side of the either/or we sit.

This and that

— Yikes, did you see this story, where the five richest men in the world had their collective worth increase by more than 115% and 5 billion folks have lost money since 2020.

— So JJ McCarthey is entering the draft. Is the natty-winning QB1 from Michigan a top-10ish pick?

Today's questions

Weekend winners and losers. Go.

As for a multiple choice Monday, well, you pick which NFL player that made the most buzz on the first weekend of the playoffs.

As for today, Jan. 15, it is actually MLK Jr.'s birthday. Also of note, Charo is 73 today.

As for the Rushmore, well, let's recall that 15 years ago Capt. Sully put his 747 down in the Hudson.

Rushmore of movies that happen on an airplane. Go.

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