The Rant

Surprised that the Chattanooga's Women's Leadership Institute has folded? Women in this red state have become second-class citizens; their leadership potential matters naught now.

Calm down, Chuck.

School vouchers mean public school parents help pay for private school kids' education. Wealthier parents getting help from poorer ones.

They are going to widen Cummings Highway, and Brown's Ferry Road still doesn't have a shoulder? Come on. Lookout Valley deserves better than status quo.

A recent letter writer needs to know Israel was attacked. It was not a picnic. The USA hit Japan with atomic bombs after Pearl Harbor.

Republi-karens in North Georgia simplified election process by forcing equivalent of teenagers picking members of backyard chicken social clique.

Which happened first? The criminal prosecutions against Trump or his decision to again run for president?

Am I racist because I want a strong border, law and order, bail and civil Spring Breaks? So be it. I am for America.

Trump has an ED problem that no porn star can fix. Wants to be emperor or dictator, but neither are allowed on the ballot.

Sure wish Biden was as concerned with the ongoing spread of migrant murder, mayhem and mischief as he was with COVID-19 germs.

Those who vote for Trump are looking for competence in the office of the presidency and have not found it anywhere else.

He may not be our dictator yet, but Trump sure has become one for the Republican Party. Whatever he wishes, they embrace.

White House gets 12-foot fence but we can't get a fence at the border? All for me, but not for thee, says ole Joe.

Of course Trump wants IVF treatments to be legal. He's probably going to sell his sperm along with his tennis shoes and cologne.

Tuberville warns of "Biden nonsense." What nonsense would that be? Record stock market? $35 insulin? National infrastructure progress? Record low unemployment?

About 50% of college-educated voters have left the Republican Party. Who did they get to replace them?

Dissatisfied Democrats, you can do one of three things: Vote for Biden, get another candidate or just let Trump win.

How disconnected from reality can anyone be not to know Republicans are blocking obvious border control. It's not a secret.

The resulting insanity of our "slap-on-the-wrist" justice system: girl scouts robbed, cops assaulted, children shot in school and at parades, ad nauseum.

Hopefully you realize that Trump's "migrant crime crisis" is a lie. Crime in cities receiving the most migrants is down, not up.

How did we end up with Trump vs Biden again? I'd rather jump off the aquarium than vote for either one of these clowns.

It's not which candidate is the best. It's which one do you dislike the least. Sad state of the union.

I am thankful for many things, but I am extremely thankful that God didn't have to win an election to remain in control.

You can either be a disciple of Christ or a disciple of Trump. You can't be both.

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