Lady Vols’ slow play proves fatal and more letters to the editors

Lady Vols' slow play proves fatal

The Lady Vols plodded along for three quarters. No energy, no driving to the net. Finally awoke in the fourth period. Too little, too late. I feel bad for Coach Kelly Harper. For some reason, she could not get her team going.

Margie Merritt

Highway wildflowers won't mitigate our trash

It's lovely that we are going to get wildflowers on the highways entering Chattanooga.

But it is surely "lipstick on a pig" if the actual pigs who throw their fast food bags/trash out of their cars aren't fined for their actions.

Like Crosby, Stills and Nash sang in 1970, "... Teach your children well."

Sherri DeRose

Bipartisan bill benefits residents

Has anyone noticed lately that Chattanooga is busting at the seams with some pretty significant infrastructure projects? To be specific, nearly $6 billion in federal funding under the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was awarded to Tennessee. These include monies for much-needed improvements to our roads, bridges and recent renovations at the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

That's right! The Chattanooga economy is getting a significant shot in the proverbial arm. While most of the workers on these infrastructure projects don't think of themselves as being paid with federal dollars, in actuality they really are.

Local workers and contractors are indirectly receiving federal dollars, which they in turn spend in our local economy for restaurants, groceries, gas, etc.

Ironically, none of these dollars would have been here if Sens. Blackburn and Hagerty and Chuck Fleischmann, our 3rd District congressman, had had their way. All voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Carla Sanderlin

Time to address Social Security tax

I read the articles on our tax system in Sunday's paper last week. Neither article addressed the Social Security tax, which is the most regressive tax. We have the tax to fund our Social Security benefits, and if the money was invested, maybe that would be OK.

This money is not invested, and even if it was, how many people could afford to set aside 15% for retirement. An employer pays roughly 7.5%, and 7.5% is paid by employee; the self-employed pay 15% on the first dollar he makes.

We need to find a way to give an exemption on the first few dollars made and raise taxes somewhere else to fund the difference. It seems we could raise taxes a little bit on dividends and capital gains to fund this shortfall. If you discuss income taxes without discussing the self-employment tax or payroll taxes, you are leaving off a substantial part of what the working class is paying.

Byron Boyd

Northgate Mall staff impresses

Kudos to the staff at Northgate Mall around noon on March 20. They handled a crowd of about 70 students who had been participating in a band contest. The staff was efficient and friendly. The students were also polite and well-behaved. I was very impressed.

Brenda Leavy

Beware Trump, MAGA Republicans

I form my opinions from reading books, magazines and newspapers. I watch CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX News (not simultaneously). I watch Fox to see what's being said or not. Fox originated as the "GOP" network. I say "no" to Fox, the internet, Facebook or anything Tucker Carlson writes or says.

MAGA Republicans have gone crazy. They follow Trump anywhere; he's their "religious" piper of Hamelin. They say they want border security, yet refuse to vote for a bill written by Republicans. They pay lip service to the sanctity of life, yet they want no gun regulation. They say they love freedom, yet won't give Ukraine the funds needed to fight Putin's Communist Russia. They say they believe in law and order, yet support Trump who says he would pardon convicted felons of the insurrection. They say they love the military, yet support Trump who said, "Gen. Milley should be assassinated." And "those who die in war are losers and suckers."

The GOP that has been taken over by Trump are racists, Christian nationalists and politicians who afraid of him. I would say, "God help us," but I can hear the Almighty saying: "Help yourselves, I gave you brains."

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.

How can Biden ignore our needs?

How can Joe Biden, via his administration, in good conscience expend tax-generated resources for the welfare of migrants when the basic needs of American's impoverished citizens are already not being met, and the middle and lower classes have trouble making ends meet as a result of inflation and misguided spending?

Claudos Spears

Young Harris, Ga.

Killing innocent is always wrong

The attitude of most Americans to the wars in the Ukraine and Gaza could not be more dissimilar. While vilifying Russia for slaughtering innocent civilians in the Ukraine, we ignore, condone or justify providing weapons and support to Israel for such slaughter in Gaza.

The killing of innocent civilians is everywhere and always wrong, whether the innocent civilians are Israelis, Palestinians or others.

While Canada and other countries halt arms sales to Israel, the U.S. expresses sympathy for the plight of innocent Palestinian civilians while authorizing additional military aid to Israel and halts funding to UNRWA, the principal provider of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Complicity in wholesale slaughter is no virtue; providing humanitarian aid is no vice.

Michael Monson

Hendersonville, Tenn.

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