Barry Courter (Reporter, Photographer)

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Barry Courter is staff reporter and columnist for the Times Free Press. He started his journalism career at the Chattanooga News-Free Press in 1987. He covers primarily entertainment and events for ChattanoogaNow, as well as feature stories for the Life section. Born in Lafayette, Ind., Barry has lived in Chattanooga since 1968. He graduated from Notre Dame High School and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in broadcast journalism. He previously was a news reporter at WDEF-TV 12. Barry has been married to Kelley since 1987. Their children are Jeff Soder, Jenny Mitchell, Carson Courter and Grace Courter. Contact Barry at 423-757-6354 or

Chattanooga Girls Rock Camp concert coming up at Revelry Room

Published Jul. 20 2017

Amelia Rodgers-Jones didn't know what to expect when planning the inaugural Chattanooga Girls Rock Camp concert last year.

Songbirds Guitar Museum features Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins, Drew Sterchi and Blues Tribe

Published Jul. 20 2017

Songbirds has two shows this week featuring two well-respected artists -- one local and one who made her name as...

City Beat: Ten bands highlight Scenic Sounds Showcase

Published Jul. 20 2017

Some folks of a certain age will remember the old "Our Gang" and "The Little Rascals" short films during which...

Club Scene Calendar - July 20-26

Published Jul. 20 2017

Live music, dancing, karaoke and bar scene happenings.

Off the Couch: These girls will rock you

Published Jul. 17 2017

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, there are some very interesting musical options on the calendar this week. It's a veritable smorgasbord of...

Chattanooga Public Library turns up the music with new production space

Published Jul. 16 2017

One of the reasons Chattanooga was chosen as a stop was because of the Chattanooga Public Library and the low-latency...

Mario Tory on Comedy Central tonight

Published Jul. 16 2017

Though he now calls Atlanta home, comedian Mario Tory wanted to be among family and friends when his half-hour special...

Dog park coming to Chattanooga Choo Choo

Published Jul. 15 2017

Bob Poore readily admits that he and his wife Courtney are creating their new business, Play.Wash.Pint, for self-serving reasons.

Chattanooga Woodworking Academy graduates first class [photos]

Published Jul. 14 2017

One of the first things first-year students at Chattanooga Woodworking Academy learn to do is sharpen a pocketknife.

Concert, motorcycle ride pay tribute to Chattanooga's Fallen Five

Published Jul. 13 2017

The city of Chattanooga is sponsoring a concert featuring two local bands to celebrate the memory of the Fallen Five...

City Beat: Camp teaches girls it's OK to be loud

Published Jul. 13 2017

Amelia Rodgers-Jones says that while it may not be spoken as often as it once was, the idea that "girls...

Club Scene Calendar - July 13-19

Published Jul. 13 2017

Live music, dancing, karaoke and bar scene happenings.

Nashville alt-rock band opens Riverfront Nights

Published Jul. 13 2017

The old saw that "if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere" is probably as...

Courters' Kitchen: Cool off with these summer soups [video]

Published Jul. 12 2017

KELLEY SAYS: A quick look into the refrigerator last week revealed an overabundance of grapes. I found the Cotton Candy...

WFLI announces new format, museum

Published Jul. 11 2017

A week after signing back on the air playing the same hits from the 1960s and '70s that it played...

New Theatre Centre executive director looking back to look ahead

Published Jul. 10 2017

The furniture is just one of the amenities that made him want to leave Maryland and his job as executive...

Off the Couch: Riverfront Nights kicks off

Published Jul. 10 2017

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, one thing we like around here is a really good free concert series. Nightfall, of course, is...

Jet FLI AM 1070 back on the air

Published Jul. 8 2017

WFLI-AM 1070, the radio station that introduced new rock 'n' roll to the market in the 1960s and '70s,...

Carlos Mencia uses laughter to deal with political divide

Published Jul. 6 2017

The recent election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has been great for comedian Carlos Mencia, and...

Restaurant review: Home Slice a new pizza option

Published Jul. 6 2017

Perception being what it is, putting a pizzeria inside the Chatt Inn on 23rd Street might seem risky. The street...