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Pam Sohn is the Times editor, representing the left-leaning side of the Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion page. Sohn has been reporting or editing Chattanooga news for 25 years. A Walden's Ridge native, she began her journalism career with a 10-year stint at the Anniston (Ala.) Star. She came to the Chattanooga Times Free Press in 1999 after working at the Chattanooga Times for 14 years. She has been a city editor, Sunday editor, wire editor, projects team leader and assistant lifestyle editor. As a reporter, she also has covered the police, courts, health, education and environment beats. She specializes in investigative and project stories, and currently is a general assignment reporter. She has won dozens of writing and editing awards in both Alabama and Tennessee, including first-place honors for breaking news, investigative news, public service, features and reporting without a deadline. During her tenure as Sunday editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the paper received the 2002 first-place honors for Best Sunday editions and Sweepstakes Award — best paper in the state. She has been married for 33 years to photographer, Louis Sohn. They have a grown son, Mitch, as well as five dogs, a cat and two grand cats. When not working, Pam gardens, researches family roots, plays piano and floats on a very old houseboat named Dragonfly. Contact her at or 423-757-6346.

Sohn: Trump's gambit on FBI is just his latest hoax

Published May. 23 2018

Donald Trump is acting guilty again.

Sohn: Another day, another school shooting

Published May. 22 2018

The weekend came and went after Friday's gruesome Texas school shooting.

Sohn: Yes, Virginia, there is climate change

Published May. 14 2018

Let's talk about what the Trump administration and most Republican leaders call the climate change "hoax."


Sohn: Will mid-terms be blue wave or party of Trump?

Published May. 13 2018

The mid-term elections prognosticators are out in fine form, and the views seem shaped by the partisan bents of the...

Sohn: Race-baiting school board members need to chill

Published May. 12 2018

We woke up Friday morning and read a news release about race, integration and busing from two school board members...

Sohn: Trump's trail of Russia links just got longer

Published May. 11 2018

"You'll have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael is my attorney. You'll have to ask Michael."

Sohn: With Iran deal dump, Trump creates crisis where there was none

Published May. 9 2018

You and my uncle, the mayor, make a 12-year contract for you to stop building a giant car bomb that...

Sohn: School safety is about SROs and so much more

Published May. 8 2018

It seems many parents, grandparents and teachers have rightly been bending the ears of our local leaders since the spate...

Sohn: Danger lurks in Trump's lies

Published May. 6 2018

We've grown numb to the fact that we have a president who feels no compulsion to speak truthfully.

Sohn: The people have spoken (at least some of them did)

Published May. 4 2018

We did it again, and the people have spoken.

Sohn: Donald Trump and the 49 questions

Published May. 2 2018

It sounds like a movie title: 49 questions.

Sohn: Your vote matters today - use it

Published May. 1 2018

Go vote.


Sohn: Scott Pruitt's magic words are 'I'm not aware'

Published Apr. 30 2018

Scott Pruitt needs to bottle the four words that kept spilling out of his mouth last week as he testified...

Sohn: Who knew praying for fairness was political?

Published Apr. 30 2018

Paul Ryan should know better than most that politics and religion don't mix.

Sohn: Stop to smell the flowers, and listen for the bees

Published Apr. 29 2018

When the buzzing stops, we're in big trouble.

Sohn: Vote Tuesday

Published Apr. 29 2018

In contested races in Tuesday's Hamilton County primary election, the Chattanooga Times editorial page recommends these candidates:

Sohn: Sanctuary cities ban is pure fear-mongering

Published Apr. 27 2018

We have to hand it to the Tennessee General Assembly: Our lawmakers really know how to make nothing out of...

Sohn: Trump should take over Fox & Friends more often

Published Apr. 27 2018

President Donald Trump clearly knows TV. He demonstrated it Thursday by calling in and taking over Fox & Friends for...

Sohn: TVA leaders need to get their heads out of the clouds

Published Apr. 25 2018

Move over, members of Donald J. Trump's swamp cabinet.

Sohn: Corker donates to Blackburn, but won't say her name

Published Apr. 25 2018

Poor Bob. Corker, that is.