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In regards to the signs being displayed by the cheerleading squad, I am not surprised that the students will have to cease displaying the signs. I wish that the students could display them; however, as a public school group, if the students were allowed to produce the signs with the school’s permission, it would be in violation of the Constitution. Therefore, the school cannot allow them to display the signs. However, if the students create the signs of their own accord and display the signs at the games, the school cannot make the students give up their right of freedom of religion. Unfortunately, if the students displayed the signs in spite of the school’s decision that they should cease making the signs, the students would be rebelling against the authority placed over them, which is in contradiction to Scripture. For example, when Paul wrote to the Romans, he encouraged them to subject themselves under the Roman Empire, despite the persecution from the empire, as an example of Christ’s peace and to hopefully produce an avenue for the acceptance of the gospel. Peter echoed this claim in I Peter, written shortly after Christians were falsely accused by Nero of setting fire to Rome. Since the message of Christ has already encompassed the USA through this story, I personally believe that the cheerleading squad has an excellent opportunity to “act out” these passages from Romans and I Peter as a testimony for Christ to the United States of America. The country knows the girls’ beliefs and every attendee of the LFO football games will always know their beliefs based on this fantastic outburst of media coverage; therefore, the girls can now be a witness for Christ by demonstrating their recognition of God-ordained authority in their lives by the cessation of making the signs. This would be an entirely Biblical response to the situation.

October 2, 2009 at 12:02 a.m.
Joyful said...

In continuation from previous post: These are just a few pieces of evidence for the Christian faith. I strongly urge you to read Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ.” Strobel was a staunch atheist and set out to disprove Christianity; however, in his years of research, all the data he found only proved Christianity. Lee Strobel is now a professing Christian. When I actually consider the alternative worldviews of society, I believe that Christianity is the most accurate. For example, there was a major headline today regarding the finding of a pre-historic animal that has changed the evolutionary theory of the ancestry of humankind. Based on the finding and research of one somewhat complete skeleton, it is now believed that humans did not evolve from an ape-like creature; instead, it is believed that humans and apes both evolved from this common animal. Therefore, the very basis of the theory of the origin of humankind as proposed by the evolutionary theory (and taught for decades as fact) significantly changed based on the finding of one incomplete skeleton; which could very possibly be a genetic malformation of another ape. I ask honestly and respectfully, why would I place my trust in a worldview that can so easily be significantly changed? The Christian message has not changed in 2,000 years.

October 2, 2009 at 12:01 a.m.
Joyful said...

Let me first say that I believe this topic can be discussed respectfully and intellectually, without resorting to name calling. It is my intention to proceed this way throughout this post. The post will be continued in the following post; however, I would first like to address the comments from previous posts describing Christians as "ignorant" and "brainwashed." I was born and raised in the "Bible-belt;" however, I did not accept the Christian faith until I was convinced through evidence that the faith was correct. I am a very logical and analytical person, so something that I would base my entire worldview upon had to be factual and proven. It was evidence of Christianity that led me to place my trust in the Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. Please allow me to share some evidence so that others may better understand the logic behind the Christian faith:

1) There is documented evidence from historians (both secular and non-secular) throughout the past 2,000 years that prove there was a man - Jesus of Nazareth - who lived on this earth and claimed to be the Son of God. Even many leading atheistic scholars do not deny that Jesus of Nazareth lived on earth and made this claim. 2) The men who followed Christ daily, known as the apostles, suffered and endured horrible and gruesome deaths on account of their preaching of Christ. This too is documented through secular and non-secular historians. These men would not have willingly endured these tragic ends if they knew that for which they were dying was a lie. 3) A university calculated the odds of a single person fulfilling 48 of the prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the Messiah. They used conservative estimates, and they estimated that the chances of one person fulfilling all of those specific prophecies in a single lifetime was 1 out of 10 to the 155th power. What is even more interesting about these prophecies is that the prophecies themselves are very intriguing. For example, David – King of Israel, prophesied that the Messiah would be pierced through his hands and feet. What is interesting about that statement was that David wrote those words almost 300 years before the Romans invented crucifixion. 4) The most important piece of evidence for the truth of Christianity is Christ’s resurrection. Even many atheistic New Testament scholars agree that Christ rose from the dead. Some have stated that if the evidence for the resurrection was placed in a court of law, the resurrection would easily be upheld. One of many pieces of evidence is the matter of literary distance from the event. In accuracy of account, timely reporting is crucial. Whereas, the first documented text about Julius Caesar was written 140 years after his death, the first documented text about Christ’s resurrection was written merely just over 20 years after His death and resurrection.

October 1, 2009 at 11:58 p.m.

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