EPA proposes lowering required amount of ethanol in gas

Published May. 29 2015

The Obama administration is proposing to reduce the overall amount of ethanol blended in the nation's gasoline in coming years,...

Tennessee lawmakers may change decades-old sales tax laws

Published May. 29 2015

Some state legislators and county officials are looking into changing decades-old sales tax laws in an effort to help counties...

TN Democrats push for Insure Tennessee revival

Published May. 28 2015

As Tennessee Democrats fight to revive Gov. Bill Haslam's twice-killed Insure Tennessee proposal, the bill's Republican House sponsor says he...

Chattanooga area lawmakers say gas tax hike not going anywhere

Published May. 28 2015

NASHVILLE -- Tennessee transportation advocates have their work cut out when it comes to persuading state lawmakers from Chattanooga to...

Republican Rick Santorum launching second White House run

Published May. 27 2015

WASHINGTON - A spokesman for Rick Santorum says the former Pennsylvania senator is running for president.

More than 2,000 Tenn. workers offered to apply for buyouts

Published May. 26 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's administration is offering more than 2,000 state workers to apply for buyouts.

Fleischmann already pulling in big dough

Published May. 24 2015

Anyone seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann next year will need deep pockets.

Political Notebook: Alexander boosts energy research

Published May. 24 2015

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander is co-sponsor of a bill that would double spending on basic energy research over five years.

Why Tennessee Democrats face bleak outlook after decades of dominance

Published May. 21 2015

Over the past decade, Democrats went from controlling all three branches of state government to giving up GOP supermajorities in...

Tennessee pays $46,000 for new state logo 'a fifth-grader could make'

Published May. 21 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee has spent $46,000 for the design of a new logo featuring the white letters TN on...

City Council pleased with first glance of Mayor Andy Berke's 2016 budget

Published May. 20 2015

Chattanooga City Council members say Mayor Andy Berke's 2016 budget looks OK at first blush, but there will be plenty...

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke reveals $221 million budget, including $4 million increase

Published May. 19 2015

If the budget is approved as drafted, city workers who make $50,000 or less will be getting $750 increases. Those...

Lamar Alexander urges less wind power in TVA's future plans

Published May. 18 2015

KNOXVILLE - The Tennessee Valley Authority appears to be too eager to pursue "unreliable and uneconomical wind power," U.S. Sen....

Report: Mega donors likely propelled Scott DesJarlais win

Published May. 18 2015

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais isn't exactly the most prolific fundraiser in Tennessee, much less in all of Congress.

Bo Watson to speak at Hixson Community Breakfast

Published May. 18 2015

Sen. Bo Watson, R-Hixson, will be the guest speaker at the Friends of Hixson Community Breakfast on May 27.

Tennessee lawmakers chafing under health plan scrutiny

Published May. 15 2015

In Tennessee, lawmaking is considered only a part-time job.

DesJarlais, who supported ex-wife's abortions, votes for abortion ban

Published May. 15 2015

The Tennessee Republican congressman who supported his ex-wife's decision to get two abortions was among those who voted in favor...

Panel approves plans to move Tennessee legislative offices

Published May. 14 2015

NASHVILLE -- The State Building Commission has approved the first step toward making a building next to the state Capitol...

Vanderbilt poll: Majority backs Insure Tennessee

Published May. 14 2015

NASHVILLE -- An overwhelming majority of Tennesseans support Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's failed proposal to extend health coverage to 280,000...

New law overhauls special education funding in Tennessee

Published May. 12 2015

NASHVILLE -- A bill passed by Tennessee lawmakers could give parents of severely disabled children more than $6,000 a year...

Smokers, pony up or kick the habit as Tennessee law will boost cigarette prices over three years

Published May. 10 2015

NASHVILLE -- Tennessee smokers will begin paying more for cigarettes on July 1 under a bill signed into law last...

Tennessee Gov. Haslam quietly signs abortion-restrictions bill

Published May. 9 2015

NASHVILLE -- With little fanfare, Gov. Bill Haslam on Friday signed into law a measure that requires Tennessee abortion providers...

Tennessee taxpayers put up almost $6 million for lawmakers' insurance

Published May. 9 2015

NASHVILLE -- A state agency made public on Friday morning documents detailing health insurance premiums paid for Tennessee lawmakers, but...