'Slow poke law' would ban cruising in passing lane

Published Nov. 27 2015

Rep. Dan Howell believes a new bill he's proposed would cut down on cruisers in the passing lane, and any...

Commissioners bestow a bounty of tax-funded blessings on holiday eve

Published Nov. 26 2015

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Hamilton County commissioners expressed their gratitude by showering a bounty of taxpayer-funded blessings on good...

Commissioner Graham furious at Chairman Bankston for 'shredding documents'

Published Nov. 26 2015

It got loud in the Hamilton County Commission room Wednesday when Commissioner Joe Graham tore into commission Chairman Chester Bankston...

Chattanooga wins pension lawsuit filed by retired police officers, firefighters

Published Nov. 25 2015

In a big win for Chattanooga Mayor Andrew Berke's administration, a federal court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by four...

Tennessee doctors want malpractice payout limits in constitution

Published Nov. 25 2015

Fearful that Tennessee courts could eventually strike down a 2011 law capping jury awards in medical malpractice lawsuits, doctors plan...

Wooing blacks, Sanders reframes, but doesn't change argument

Published Nov. 25 2015

Bernie Sanders acknowledges that he needs more support from black voters to have any chance of defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Clinton to speak in Montgomery for Bus Boycott anniversary

Published Nov. 24 2015

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Hillary Clinton will headline an event commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Clintons have collected $35 million from finance industry

Published Nov. 24 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton wants voters to know she is no friend of Wall Street. But Wall Street has frequently been...

Jennifer Donnals named Gov. Haslam's press secretary

Published Nov. 24 2015

Jennifer Donnals has been named the new press secretary for Gov. Bill Haslam.

Gov. Haslam says Tennesseans 'scared' of Syrian refugees

Published Nov. 24 2015

NASHVILLE — Republican Gov. Bill Haslam says fellow Tennesseans are gripped by fear over concerns terrorists could slip in among...

Tennessee Promise passes goal of having 9,000 volunteer mentors

Published Nov. 24 2015

Roughly 9,300 people applied to be mentors for the Tennessee Promise program, surpassing the statewide goal of 9,000.

State lawyers call proposed legislative districts 'bizarre'

Published Nov. 24 2015

The attorney general's office said alternate legislative maps suggested by black legislators show that Alabama lawmakers made proper choices in...

Tennessee governor wants state to have a role in approving Syrian refugees

Published Nov. 23 2015

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam said today that although he feels more comfortable with the federal vetting process for Syrian refugees,...

Tennessee bill seeks to require eye tests for senior drivers

Published Nov. 23 2015

Tennesseans over the age 76 would be required to get a vision test prior to renewal of their driver's licenses...

Lawmakers kick highway bill down the road two more weeks

Published Nov. 23 2015

This was supposed to be the week Congress does something it hasn't done in a decade: Send the president a...

Critics question HUD figures showing drop in number of Tennessee homeless

Published Nov. 22 2015

Federal officials say the number of Americans and Tennesseans who have experienced homelessness has dropped 11 percent since 2010 ...

Democrat Edwards wins Louisiana governor race

Published Nov. 21 2015

NEW ORLEANS — Democrat John Bel Edwards has won the runoff election for Louisiana governor, defeating the once-heavy favorite, Republican...

Georgia to hire auditing firm after voters' data released

Published Nov. 20 2015

Georgia's secretary of state says he'll hire a firm to audit his office after personal information for Georgia's 6 million...

Clinton brings campaign tour to Tennessee today

Published Nov. 20 2015

WASHINGTON — The parade of presidential hopefuls marching through Tennessee this year has been almost exclusively Republican as candidates in...

Official says Tennessee Promise helps spike in higher education enrollment

Published Nov. 20 2015

NASHVILLE — Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam's free-tuition program has contributed to a spike in students pursuing a postsecondary degree at...

Georgia official: Employee fired for releasing personal data on 6 million voters

Published Nov. 20 2015

ATLANTA — Georgia's secretary of state said Thursday that he takes "full responsibility" for more than 6 million voters' personal...

Alabama attorney general says new ethics advice is 'significant improvement'

Published Nov. 20 2015

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Attorney General Luther Strange on Wednesday praised the Alabama Ethics Commission's revised advice to lawmakers that he...

Groups denounce Tennessee lawmaker's call to round up Syrian refugees

Published Nov. 19 2015

NASHVILLE — A top Republican lawmaker's call for the Tennessee National Guard to round up Syrian refugees and block new...