Contractual issue remains separate, city officials say

Despite dealing Mayor Ron Littlefield a political setback on police Chief Freeman Cooper's proposed contract, City Council members said Wednesday the vote is not an indication of fallout for the mayor on future votes.

And that includes his politically charged proposal for a possible property tax increase to help the city climb out of its financial hole.

"Each issue stands on its own merit," said Council Chairman Jack Benson.

The mayor also said he isn't worried about issues he may bring to the council.

"I don't have any continuing concern," Mr. Littlefield said, sitting in his office Wednesday afternoon.

The City Council voted 6-2 with one abstention Tuesday night to reject the mayor's proposed contract to install retiring police Chief Cooper as the city's top cop for three more years.

Mr. Benson said Wednesday that the vote on Chief Cooper's contract will not reflect on any future votes, just as the council's votes on previous issues do not reflect on what it decided Tuesday.