Letters to the Editors

Economic stats favor Democrats

Conservatives insist the economy always fares better under Republicans. But since 1948, economic growth has averaged 2.75 percent during 36 years under Republicans and 4.01 percent for 27 years under Democrats.

Under George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, GDP growth averaged a puny 2.2 percent. Under Lyndon Johnson, the quintessential "tax-and-spend" Democrat, growth averaged a healthy 5.4 percent. This Republican poppycock sounds like Reagan's "voodoo economics," a term coined by George H.W. Bush during the 1980 primary campaign.

Economics, called the "dismal science," is probably more akin to religion than science anyway. Based more on faith than fact, it should be taught in theological seminaries rather than schools of business. Economics shares many elements with religion: a supernatural power, Adam Smith's "unseen hand," a plan of salvation through deregulation and privatization, an order of saints -- Malthus, Smith, Keynes, Friedman -- and evangelists spreading the supply-side gospel based on the Laffer (laughable) curve.