New Walker County school to be named Saddle Ridge

Walker County kicked off construction of its new K-8 school by finally giving it a name: Saddle Ridge.

The name was announced Tuesday afternoon at a groundbreaking ceremony that drew about 50 people to the 100-acre construction site between U.S. Highway 27 and Arnold Road near Rock Spring, Ga.

Saddle Ridge doesn't refer to any nearby geographical feature.

"It's just something brand new," district spokeswoman Elaine Womack said.

That newness is one reason why school board members selected Saddle Ridge from roughly 75 names suggested on the school district's website, Womack said.

That, and board members just liked the ring of it, she said.

The person who suggested the winning entry will get the satisfaction of coining a catchy school name, but no official recognition or prize. People suggested school names anonymously.

"That's why we did not keep names.