The Atomic City

photo Guests dine at Big Ed's Pizza

Oak Ridge's inhabits won't let go of the past. But with a past this cool, who'd want to let go?

Juxtaposed against Oak Ridge's outdoor beauty is the city's fascinating World War II-era heritage that draws visitors from all over the world who want to touch a piece of U.S. nuclear history.

Originally cloaked in atomic secrets, Oak Ridge has emerged as a beautiful destination that has preserved its history while moving into the future as a training ground for world-class athletes.

-- Compiled by staff writer Adam Poulisse

Cat's out of the bag: Secret Military Facilities

Three military facilities, once shrouded in secret with the Manhattan Project, are open to the general public:

• X-10, a former graphite reactor plant at 1 Bethel Valley Road, now is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.