Really great, Britain

Every now and again people should use "great" as an adjective when discussing the British and their sceptered isle - not only as part of a geographical designation. Just every now and then, like during the London Olympics.

Well played, good show and all that. Talk about an Olympian performance.

Yes, we colonials, too, did rather well across the pond. Did you see the U.S. team storm back against Canada in the women's soccer semis? That match was even better than the gold medal round. Wow.

NBC did a fine job covering the spectacle, tape-delay or no. It's hard to remember now why tape-delay from London to American prime-time had our mediacrats all in a tizzy. You can't hold back the news! If we don't who'll watch a match in which the outcome is known? In this day of the Internet and Twitter, you can't expect people not to know who won a competition held six hours ago! We have advertisers to think about!

Those people just had their knickers in a twist.