Gearing up for graduation in Dade County, Ga.

photo Kindergartner Kayla Schrader examines her new class of 2025 ornament that she received while visiting Dade County High School where they were promoting graduation.

TRENTON, Ga. - Kindergartners overran Dade County High School on Tuesday morning, trekking up and down the hallways, eating in the cafeteria and visiting classrooms.

The school system used the morning to acclimate about 160 students from Dade and Davis elementary schools to their eventual high school campus. But officials say the trip was geared at instilling the expectation that all students will graduate -- a message that students can't hear too early or too often.

While a school district's graduation rate might seem like a problem for high schools, Dade County Superintendent Shawn Tobin said that number speaks to the success of the entire school system.