Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District grows northward in remap

The bulk of Chattanooga's congressional district, Tennessee's 3rd, could move northward next week if state lawmakers approve a redistricting proposal that would place Oak Ridge and its surrounding counties at the district's geographical center.

Despite that, lawmakers stressed that Chattanooga would be the district's main emphasis.

"The majority of the population is in the Chattanooga media market," said House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, R-Chattanooga. "I like that aspect of it."

Meanwhile, Cleveland, long an urban stronghold of Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District, would move into the 4th Congressional District under the proposal. Bradley County's southern and eastern quadrants would remain in the 3rd District.

Federal law requires the state Legislature to redraw legislative and congressional districts every 10 years to adjust for population shifts documented by U.S.