A bold stand

Obamacare deserves a place of prominence -- atop the trash heap of history.

And with that in mind, a number of governors around the country have taken a sensible approach in the wake of the disastrous 5-4 Supreme Court ruling upholding most of Obamacare: They refuse to begin implementing many of its costly, burdensome provisions -- at least in the near future -- and they pledge to work to elect members of Congress who will repeal it and a president who will sign that repeal into law.

That is all the more remarkable considering their principled rejection of some "free" federal money to be used toward implementing the law. But then again, those dollars are never "free," are they?

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has not been as steely in his resolve to resist Obamacare by all legal means, declaring before the court ruling that the state was ready to put in place so-called health care exchanges if the law were upheld.